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Racho Deluxe: by Bandit Films

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Rancho Deluxe

They always say that if you can turn your passion into a career, then you’ll never work again in your life. I’m going to say that for the most part this is true. I mean what’s better than showing up to work everyday and having fun. Meet Ben Thomas, he’s the owner of Rancho Deluxe, an old school hot rod shop in Melbourne, Australia that’s dedicated to bringing old school rumblers back to life. Ben was lucky enough to have a father that schooled him in the particulars of vintage cars from a very young age. They ended up building a few cars together and when his Dad saw that the boy had talent, he arranged to have an internship program set up for him. That lead to a four year stint working for Porsche and then, after a few years away from the business he decided to give it another go by opening up Rancho Deluxe. Now Ben spends his time working on some of the coolest old hot rods in Australia and enjoying every minute of it.

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