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Racers Clocked at 145 mph on Long Island Expressway

Posted in Crashes, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | March 6th, 2011 | 9 Responses |

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Joseph Skarka, 20, and Jeffrey Browne, 21 turned their jackass meters up to 11 on Thursday night when they were clocked racing at over 145 mph on the Long Island Expressway by police. The race apparently took place right near exit 159 sometime after midnight. After being clock via laser detection, a Deputy Sheriff took off after the racers. The chase ended when Joseph Skarka crashed his 2005 Dodge Neon in to a Shell gas station. The car subsequently caught fire, totaling out the car and doing extensive damage to the fuel station itself. The other racer, Jeffrey Browne crashed his 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer into a Hooters parking lot. Thankfully no one was killed in the incident. The racers were arraigned Thursday and are now being held a $150,000 bond. Way to go boys, you just ruined your lives, pissed off your parents and lost your licenses. So, was it worth it? Click through for the video.

Hat tip: Autoholics.com

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9 Responses

  1. Werty says:

    They make drag strips for a reason. They are not expensive either. Cheaper than a speeding ticket. Way cheaper than whatever a mess like this costs.

  2. JD says:

    Damn ricers. Those are not race cars. They are economy cars.

    • Pozz says:

      EVO is an economy car? where???

    • J D Stadler says:

      I seem to be seeing different reports all over the ‘net but most seem to say it was a Neon SRT4 and an Evo. Not that it’s an excuse for this behavior whatsoever, but it does explain the “145mph” part

    • turbosrt says:

      Wow thanks for the insults like these guys. I own a 2004 Neon SRT4 and I have to say a ricer it is not. Ive owned it for 6 years. This thing is a well built american car that is capable of 153mph, 0 to 60 in just over 5 seconds, and 30 mpg on the highway. All this performance was a measly 20 grand new. It was faster and better in every way than the Mustang GTs of its day and simply because it has a neon body and a fiew stupid owners it gets totally bashed. Quit being jerks and pay attention to how these cars were even capable of 145 and if they hadnt of crashed the cops would have lost them. I say they are getting what they deserved, glad no one was hurt, and sad 2 more NICE cars are screwed up.

  3. Anthony says:

    People love to race in Dodge Neon’s for some reason, a year ago I was reading about one crashing from racing. Both these spoiled kids should get jail time as a life lesson.

    • Fuck Off Already says:

      you don’t know either one of them so adding your own useless opinion of them being spoiled is almost as stupid as the fact that oh clearly have no life writing comments on a website about a story you obviously know nothing about. They made a stupid mistake and a bad choice in judgment and they recognize what they did and know how lucky they are that nobody got hurt but making your own judgements about there family or there outside lives means nothing because they aren’t spoiled at all both of them actually were brought up to be really good people and they work hard for what they have. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s the point of life. You make a mistake and hopefully learn from it, which they most definitely have. It’s actually just sad that on the news there was a man or raped and got a really young girl pregnant and he got released on bail but these kids are being slautered by the media and over punished for there mistake. It’s really just disgusting and people need lives.

  4. Wow, over 145 is insane; when you’re going that fast your car is pretty much a bullet and will kill/destroy anything or anyone in the way. Here in California I think anything over 100 mph will automatically get you in jail (and rightfully so).

  5. Mike says:

    The driver oft he neon srt4 was one of my good friends spoiled he was not. It was just a bad decision on his part. He was held on 75,000 cash bail.