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Race-spec Tramontana to receive Cosworth V10… Maybe.

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Tramontana R

Last week I posted up a video of Jay Leno reviewing the Spanish built Tramontana R super car. Tramontana is a boutique automaker who decided to try their hand at producing an F1 style automobile for the road. While doing this at first may seem like a good idea there are a few inherent problems. Numero uno is the fact that F1 style super cars simply don’t work on the street. They have no ground clearance, are terrible in traffic and for the most part, very difficult to drive. The second part is that 9 times out of 10 the people who buy these things will never, ever take them to a race track in fear of wadding them up. Lastly, with a price tag of $495,000, how many do they really think their going to sell to the public? It’s a formula that simply does not work.

Tramontana R

Tramontana say’s that the car is actually quite easy to drive and that if you wanted to, you could take it shopping. Can you imagine seeing this thing parked at your local Walmart? Yea… neither can I.

Tramontana R

At half a million dollars Tramontana is having trouble finding buyers (no big surprise there) but instead of perhaps making the car cheaper and more user friendly, they’ve decided to make it more expensive and faster by producing a “race” version. The new car will ditch the twin-turbo V12 Mercedes engine and instead go with a V10 built by Cosworth. I have no idea what they’re going to do in the suspension department either, I mean wasn’t the original car supposed to be a race car? I have a feeling that Tramontana’s days as a super car manufacturer are numbered because as anyone knows, the only way to make a small fortune in racing is to start with a big one… something Tramontana doesn’t sound like it has.

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