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Psst… Wanna Buy A Test Track?

Posted in Cool Stuff, DIY, driving, Harley Davidson by Kurt Ernst | September 9th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Buried deep in the wilds of Collier County, FL, is a test track that backs up against the Everglades. To call it “remote” and “inhospitable” is like calling the Mojave Desert “sandy”; you’re guaranteed to have alligators, snakes and mosquitos, but you’re also guaranteed that you won’t have too many pesky neighbors to worry about. The location made the track ideal for hot-weather testing, which is why Ford originally built the facility. Ford sold it to Harley-Davidson, and Harley is now looking to divest itself of unneeded real estate. If you’ve got the $7.5 million asking price, the test track can be yours.

Your money buys you a two-mile-long runway, several skidpads, a small road course and an assortment of administrative buildings. If you like driving really fast in a straight line, the two-mile long straight has unbanked curves to allow use as a road course. There’s even a small-but challenging circuit on the property, with lots of run-off. Not that we’d recommend sinking a car axle-deep in the soft Florida soil, since walking back to the track would probably involve encounters with fire ants, snakes and hordes of mosquitos.

The track would be ideal for the enthusiast owner as well, but only from November through March. Florida in the summertime, next to the Everglades, isn’t exactly our idea of a vacation paradise.

Source: LoopNet, via Autoblog and Visor Down

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