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PSA: Two Bottles of Whiskey and a Rolls = Trouble

Posted in Bizarre, Crash Testing, Foreign Cars, Legal, Luxury Cars, Newsworthy, Off-Roading, Old Cars, Parking, People, Police, Rolls Royce, Safety, Stunts by Alex Kierstein | September 25th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

RR 1

You order a bedroom set for your son, but when it arrives, the mattress you thought would be included in the deal is missing. What do you do? If you’re Robert Caton of Hampshire, UK, you guzzle two bottles of cheap whiskey, hop in your ‘83 Rolls-Royce, and plow through the store in a drunken, poorly conceived rampage. Oh, and not on the first try either – he made two unsuccessful attempts to raze the store before finally succeeding in careening the Roller through the window, causing roughly $100,000 worth of damage.

Given our slightly macabre sense of humor, we would probably think this funny if the incident hadn’t hurt several people, including one pregnant woman. Explained Caton, “I would like to say anybody breaks if the stress is enough. I broke. I gladly offer my sincere apologies to all affected by my reckless and irresponsible behaviour.” Despite his truly moving apology, the local magistrate sentenced hapless Caton to 16 months in the dank Hampshire Gaol, took his license away for 5 years (130.44 fortnights for our British friends), and ordered the forfeiture of the offending Rolls. Good riddance, we say.


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