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Protect Your Rights: How To Deal With The Police If You Get Pulled Over

Posted in Bizarre, General, Guide, Politics, Pop Culture, Roads, Safety, Tips, Videos by Dustin Driver | October 26th, 2008 | 151 Responses |

The above video is the correct way to handle a traffic stop. After the jump, I’ve posted several very informative videos about dealing with police, including the complete video that this excerpt was taken from, called “BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters“.

If you get pulled over, just remain calm and remember your rights. Keep your hands on the wheel where the officer can see them. Police officers in some states have the legal right to search your car if they say they “smell” drug smoke. This is a very obvious loophole, but one you have to deal with since it is the law.

When he requests them, show the officer your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Try to remember the officers’ badge number and patrol car numbers, although not in an obvious or confrontational manner. For instance, don’t immediately ask for his name or badge number, just be mindful of it. Police WILL try to intimidate you, and they WILL make you wait. Maintain your composure, don’t show fear, and be polite. The police officer will most likely ask you if you know why he pulled you over. Say as little as possible, and never admit to speeding or try to guess why you were pulled over; just say no.

Never get into an argument with the police. You cannot win an argument with a police officer. Also remember that anything you say or do can be used against you, so I have to reiterate… say as little as possible. In some cases, police can search your car without a warrant based on “probable cause”. Make it clear that you do not consent to a search so you’re legally protected later on. It’s not lawful for police to arrest you simply for refusing to consent to a search. Remember that, NEVER consent to a search.

Refusing a search DOESN’T mean you’re guilty. The age old argument: “Well sonny, honest people don’t have anything to hide” is complete nonsense. That argument has been debunked many times over. Don’t let that line influence you.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve posted several very informative videos. The first two are from a talk given by James Duane, a lawyer and law professor, and the third is the complete Flex Your Rights video on how to handle a police stop.

Unfortunately, police enjoy a monopoly on protection. They’re the only game in town, so they aren’t pressured by the forces of the free market to make their customers happy. Police can generally act however they want and do whatever they please and we have to keep paying them to protect us. It’s an unfortunate situation, but until we live in a world with competing police services, where we can choose protection companies like we choose our cell phone provider, then we have to deal with it. So remember your rights, and don’t give in to police intimidation.

Don’t talk to cops, part 1:

Don’t talk to cops, part 2:

BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters:

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151 Responses

  1. A_Pickle says:

    Now, I’m a fan of privacy as the next man, but…

    …you mention that the, “sonny, honest people don’t have anything to hide” argument is nonsense. Well, while I agree that privacy laws shouldn’t be using that as their core basis, every time I see that argument pitched, it always gets the same manufactured response:

    “That argument has been debunked many times over.”

    So which is it, that honest people have nothing to hide? Or that that’s a useless argument? What is the argument against it? I’m not calling you out here, I’m just asking, what ARE the arguments that debunk it over and over? Link? Plz?

    • Dani_818 says:

      @A_pickle: I simply tell them that it’s an invasion of my privacy to search, and a complete waste of my time; on top of that, I legally don’t have to let you search my car (unless of course you are on probation or parole).

      I’ve had my car searched before (with my consent) on a suspicion of drug possession. I had nothing on me, and no record. The cop destroyed my car in hopes of finding something and left me with a huge mess to clean, some broken interior parts, and not to mention he completely wasted my time and caused me to be late to work. I now inform officers of this experience i’ve had when asked for consent to search my vehicle, and tell them that it’s not that i’m guilty or hiding something, i just have no interest in dealing with the repercussions of an officer’s search when there’s no law that states I must allow them to search…

    • Truth_About_Police says:

      Your comment “That argument has been debunked many times over.”

      TYhere are so many corrupt Police out there, they will plant drugs in your car if they are a bad mood, or don’t like you. Police are trained to violate your Constitutional rights, and won’t atop this course of action until caught by the clever teenager in the video. But many will continue violating your rights to maintain their “power trip” and their “authority” which by the way is illegal. We the People are not government servants, Police, politicians and gov. employees/workers are PUBLIC SERVANTS which means we out rank them, and therefore don’t have to take orders from – WE SHOULD BE GIVING THEM THE ORDERS !!!
      Our society has programmed us over decades that we are their servants, when legally speaking they are our servants. This country need s a revolt against the 100% corrupt government to overthrow it like we see in other countries.

      And we have this right under the 10th amendment to the Constitution…..so what are we waiting for?

  2. bob says:

    Please stop trying to be like engadget and say after the jump–it is beyond gay, and one reason why i stopped going there, please dont make the same mistakes to.

  3. SmartAss says:

    Some kind of Jedi Mind trick? Dunno, with this kind of approach there is no chance the cop will cut him a break on the ticket. Sure, you’ve got rights but when you don’t rub the cop’s nose in it you have a better chance of getting the ticketed speed reduced or even getting off with a warning.

  4. James says:

    Wrong in so many ways.

    I have a few friends that are policemen and they have always told me that the first test that a policeman always puts you through when they pull you over is the “attitude test”.
    Essentially, act like an asshole, get treated like one.
    Play the smart ass like this guy and you’re going to get a ticket guaranteed and that’s the minimum.
    Be wise, concerned and subtlely appologetic and not only will they respond nicer, they might even let you off with a warning.
    Remember your rights only get you so far, these guys do this everyday for a living and they’re just like you, they want to do their job quickly with the least amount of effort and get back on the road.
    Writing a ticket just makes more work for them so most of them would prefer not to go to the hassle, that’s from the mouths of 3 police men and women I know.

    Finally the searching thing. I’m sure the laws are very similar in the US as they are in Australia post 9/11 but police here only need “reasonable suspicion” to search yourself, your belongings or your car.

    So why would you give them “reasonable suspicion” by acting like a twat?
    Not only can the police search whatever they like they can also impound your car and personal effects with “reasonable suspicion”.

    Doesn’t this make sense, if someone isn’t consenting to having their car searched after being a suspicious character, eg. withholding information, being hard to get along with, of course the officer / constable is going to have “reasonable suspicion”.

    Rights are designed to protect the innocent not be used by them for their entertainment.

    • cody says:

      Using your 4th amendment right is not reasonable suspicion. Police swore to defend and protect the Constitution, not piss on it. If they do, speak with their supervisor, an attorney and file a complaint. This is America, not East Germany.

    • darrell says:

      not all policeman are truthful.

    • Karen says:

      Who was the TWAT? As of yesterday the only thing I had ever been pulled over for was a repair ticket on an old car I had. As of yesterday evening that all changed.
      I was on a monthly run from Tucson to Phoenix for a dr app. I stopped in Mesa to visit with my daughters and grandkids. A mile and a half from my daughters house i get pulled over by a cop. I was asked a whole lot of questions and only a couple were probibly required an answer. Now being a law abiding person with NOTHING to hide I answered their questions, gave them my id the only thing they asked me for. After they ran my licence and plates that came back squeaky clean was then asked permission to search my person and my car. To say the least it was embarrassing but I aloud it. They searched only two places in my car and did my person and found nothing. I was then let go with a wave of the cops hand without the decentcy of an apology or the reason i was even pulled over. and i did ask. To say the least next time I won’t be so submissive. By the way i am fourty-nine years old and never been in trouble with the law.

    • HANK says:

      i have had a few different encounters with police where they have violated my rights. One time I refused to let the police search my car so the officers went into some bushes and pulled out an old,and extremely dirty garbage bag full of somebody elses trash that had obviously been sitting in the bushes for a long time. They told me to put “my” trash in the trunk of my car and then gave me a 1000 dollar littering ticket. I know my rights and assert them when needed but the truth of the matter is that a corrupt officer will find some way to enforce there dominance. It is a shame that i am now afraid to go certain places and do certain things because of these experiences.I never reported the officers because i am afraid of the repercussions, and feel like it would only anger the department. Police should be serving and protecting not giving people PTSD from messing with their rights.

    • Lh54 says:

      Why the F would you appoligize for something you didnt do wrong. When you appoligize your admitting to wrong doings!!! Why do you have to be nice to them?? You didnt do nothing wrong and there wasting your time! There no apb’s out on you or your vehical then they shouldnt be pulling anyone over! Its people like you that gives these cops more power ! And they commit more crimes then citizans do. Cause they keep getting away with B.S pull overs and once and a while they get lucky and look like hero’s. there’s a thing called the law. And the government people made there own beds now they can lie in there SH*T! Follow the law police and citizans and they cant do shit. And im tired of people calling other people whinners cause they got caught doing something and the cop didnt follow procedures! Follow the law you made and studied. Oh wait. Police do not study the law they inforce it. Maybe they should no the law!

  5. mathews says:

    Nice effort! Only one comment. The police are not the top game in town. The judiciary is above the police. Police can be held accountable in court. Also, the legislature, by which I mean your congress man, has more powers (not direct) than that.

  6. ryaninfarbe says:

    The portrayal of officers in these videos is a joke and blatantly anti police. The police are not out to “get” or intimidate citizens when infractions are so minor (traffic violations, parties with pot, etc.) Corrupt and unreasonable law enforcement is an exception, not a rule.

  7. LOL @ U says:

    how to avoid a dui..


    fucking dumbass.

  8. James Wagner says:

    What the hell does this have to do with the Nintendo DS?

  9. Feldwebel Wolfenstool says:

    Always lick the pen the Pig gives you, put it in your mouth, or stick it in your ear, and scratch a bit. Then, he’ll to throw his pen away, and have to buy another.

  10. Mike says:

    I’ve been pulled over many times. The times I’ve admitted to doing something wrong instead of playing stupid, I’ve gotten out of it. They know they have you.

    And not lowering your window all the way? Sounds like a way to get a ticket in a hurry. I have a couple friends that are cops, and when people do that, it sets them off.

    • Sara says:

      What doesn’t set police off? They are assholes on a power trip. Never fails. I can’t stand them. I’ve had a couple run ins with them and both times they were assholes. I’m a mother not a criminal. But usually they will not let you off because they have a quota to meet. Plain and simple and the more defiant they make you seem in the police report the better. Whether your answering their questions with abruptness or not. They don’t care they love to harass people. It’s not protect and serve, It’s harass and make money for their city.

    • ThatRoger says:

      Why not just take the ticket and contest it in court?!! Why bother trying to get out of a ticket? They pulled you over. There are clever means to get out of a ticket, but its much simpler to take the officer to court, show he can’t prove his claim, and get put on the “not a sucker, do not stop” list.

  11. Above all else, know that you have rights but don’t be adamant to convey that right upon police officials. You also have the right to make them prove their authority by making them show you their badge which you can verify by calling the non-emergency police hotline in your city. This applies mostly to North America, and should only be done in times where you are suspicious of the validity of an officer. By law you have the right to verify their authority as an officer before opening your door. You can pull on to the shoulder and verify their badge number, before opening your door – they have to comply by allowing you to do this.

  12. Jace says:

    I know all the cops I’ve ever dealt with used phrases like “we’re gonna have to take this to the next level.”

    A very accurate guide.


  13. marc says:


    in responce to “innocent people have nothing to hide” ive had a friend whos car was searched more throughly than seemed necessary. They decided to start pulling out body panels/ seats and such completely messing up the interior. So when they want to search, i say no because i want my interior intact.

  14. Sure buddy says:

    This article is a joke. Police are trained to be suspicious of people to protect their own lives. Crap like this is only going to piss them off and make it worse for you. Sure you may end up getting out of everything in the long run but how much trouble are you going to have to go through? AND how much trouble in the future when the cop sees you again? Last few times I have been pulled over, I got out of all but 1 just be being a decent person. this crap about barely rolling down your window, yeah that will get you OUT of your car fast. Roll it down about half way and that is good enough. Besides, IF you do have smoke or something in your car, it will go out the TOP of your window anyways AND probably be more concentrated. I will say that AGE seems to play just as much of a factor. I got far more tickets while younger than after I hit 25. This article seems to written to HELP cops give out tickets.+

  15. Out House says:

    Sorry but, this is crap. I’m speeding, I get pulled over, I don’t have a problem accepting it. I’ve never been hassled by a cop for being honest. Treat the cop w/respect, if for no other reason than he as an effin’ gun. I’m sorry or I apologize goes a long way in winning you favor. Why start the game by being a butthead?

  16. omar says:

    Something about the “give up your rights to avoid a ticket” line of reasoning whispers “protection racket” to me. Not that you are actually paying cash to not get in trouble, but fake respect has a value that costs dignity. Putting yourself in a subservient position to avoid discretionary monetary harm from armed men seems somehow cowardly.

  17. Vito Rispo says:

    Out House-
    Saying “I’m sorry” is admitting guilt. What if the officer didn’t have you clocked on radar? What if it was a routine traffic stop based on something else? You just got yourself a ticket.

  18. Suzanne Denbow says:

    @Omar – Watch a little less TV, kid. Police departments aren’t run like the mafia, they don’t “extort” citizens for cash in exchange for “protection” from “unfortunate harm.” If you don’t like living in a society governed by law and order, you are free to leave. I hear Darfur is lovely this time of year.

    • bridegt says:

      what do you think a union is ? and yes cops do extort money,drugs and are worse than the people they lock up.wake up lady and smell the roses and you you just might smell they aint all sweet smellin.

  19. Mack says:

    I get pulled over a lot though I try not to. Out of the past 10 times, I’ve gotten ticketed once for speeding and the rest are warnings. Even with having a dead headlight, plate light, and wrong vin on my insurance card due to a mixup.

    I don’t feel like there’s any big secret: I don’t actually have anything to hide – I don’t smoke or drink in the car, and when I pull over I’m polite and friendly, kind of ‘aw heck ya got me’. When they ask why I think I was pulled over I immediately own up to it – “I was in a hurry back there and was probably about 10 over the limit. I know I shouldn’t… sorry”. I end pretty much every sentence with “sir”, smile a little and don’t act like it’s a big hassle that I’m upset about, and always I’ve been rewarded with a warning. I’ve even had a cop say “You seem like a nice enough guy, I’m gonna let you off on the ___”.

    The idea of ‘you get only the protection you can afford’ is a scary one. Between cops and corporations, which do you think gets held accountable LESS for their injustices?

  20. Chris says:

    I didn’t bother watching all the videos. The first was stupid enough and demeaning to police officers. The video offered SOME good advice, but the rest was dumb and only makes you appear to be hiding something (which an innocent person wouldn’t do). All you need to do is be courteous and make sure you don’t do anything to make the officer feel his safety might be in danger. Oh, and admitting guilt for a moving violation (where an accident did NOT occur) actually increases your chances for getting off with a warning.

    I’ve been pulled over for speeding a few times in the past 12 years and always admitted to it. I even had an officer in a town notorious for being tough let me go without any write-ups whatsoever after having been pulled over going 42 in a 25 MPH zone. I told the officers I was speeding and apologized. A short and sweet sob story helps too! :) For example, “I was at my friends house and got sick. I guess I was just trying to get home so I could get to bed” is a good one.

    Just don’t be a smug prick to the cop and you’ll have no trouble, unless of course something stands out. I don’t care what anybody says, Innocent people don’t have anything hide. Well, unless of course you just left the porno shop and have sex toys or something in a bag and don’t want the officer to see it! lmfao

  21. Wes says:

    I am an honest person. I have a 30-year mortgage, a good job, and well let’s just say that I’m trusted by some people in the government.

    To say that someone has “NOTHING TO HIDE” is a gratuitous assertion that can be just as gratuitously denied. It’s a logical fallacy. Further, I’m going to assume that you are at least 50% honest… (thus falling on the honest side of the spectrum). If you still believe that honest people have nothing to hide, do me a favor, write down on a post-it note the following:
    *Your Full legal name
    *DOB (Date of Birth)
    *Current legal address
    *Phone numbers
    *all the websites you access regularly, along with user names and passwords
    *SSN (or similar if you are not American)
    *Bank account numbers

    Now, look at that data… Do you want to tell me all of that? At what point would you tell me to buzz off if I were asking you all of them? Therefore an honest person has PLENTY to hide.

    Then think of those with security clearances… they get access to things that can get you convicted of treason, if you divulge them. You *MUST* be honest to get a clearance… Does this cleared person have something to hide?

  22. Sabi says:

    “Please stop trying to be like engadget and say after the jump–it is beyond gay, and one reason why i stopped going there, please dont make the same mistakes to.”

    Ummm its not beyond gay…its actually clever, and engadget is perfect…

    Also by the way.. that video is over exaggerated if you do not want a ticket then you want to give the cop more room to be comfortable in. like rolling your windows all the way down and answering his questions with truth, i’ve gotten away with speeding a few times because i wasn’t an ass to the cop

  23. shawn says:

    1 question.

    Cop asks me to pop my hood (my car looks modified – but is legal)

    Can I say no to opening my hood. (California)

    • Dani_818 says:

      @shawn: what’s his reason for asking you this? bc he’s suspecting you’re hiding something under your hood, or because he thinks your car is illegally modified? Either way, if ur not on probation or parole, you don’t have to lift your hood if the cop doesn’t have a search warrant. Your mechanic is the only one that should be asking you that question.

  24. Leeanne says:

    This list is crap, and would guarantee most cops would go out of their way to mess up your day – like making you sit on the side of the road with your hands on your head for 2 hours while they “waits for backup” to search the car. You have nothing to lose from being polite. Taking time to verify the ID of an officer in an unmarked car is the only exception I would make to my rule of being polite and compliant.

    The bottom line is: if you break the law you deserve the penalty. I truly believe that people who are stopped are stopped for a REASON. Don’t tell me about your “rights” as if somehow you are above the law. Even going one mile per hour over the posted limit is against the law. Look up the word “limit” in the dictionary. Cops are just doing their job. Don’t be a dick because you got caught.

  25. Hydro says:

    I think everyone here is missing the point. If you DO have something to hide (a K in the trunk for example), or are unsure if your friend in the back seat didn’t shove his stash under the driver’s seat, then the ticket may be welcome. The reason it looks ‘suspicious’ to say no to being inconvenienced by a search is that not many people say no (including plenty of people who actually have things to hide). I respect most police officers and their job, though I will be damned if I allow them to search my car or my person. And, no, I do not have anything to hide.

  26. Jenny says:

    That innocent people have nothing to hide is a dangerous simplification when it comes to privacy rights. Such an argument gives a lot of latitude to a suspicious/predjudiced/vengeful authority or citizen when accusing another person of a misdeed, legal or not.

    What is the point of a right to privacy in the first place if we’re encouraged to surrender that right when erroneously confronted?
    Maybe TODAY we’re being searched because an officer “smells drug smoke.” Maybe tomorrow its because you expressed a controversial political sentiment. If we allow a precedent to establish itself based on wrist-slap offenses, it will be harder to resist the argument when abused in the future, maybe by people you disagree with. Makes me think of McCarthy, or the Salem witch trials.

    I don’t think we need to be a dick to cops. Sometimes they’re just trying to keep the road safe. Just KNOW your rights, like James and Television Spy said, and feel free to defend them when they are threatened. I know we’re just talking about traffic infractions today, but we need to stand up for our civil rights at every turn; democracy needs to be maintained, for everyone– even those who break the rules.

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.
    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.
    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.
    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a Jew.
    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak up.

    –Martin Niemöller

  27. PhiLLy in DaLLaS says:

    As someone who has had many “pull-overs” and has been arrested from cops searching my car, you do NOT have to consent (and it’s important you don’t)…Yes, most cops are douchebags and will search your vehicle REGARDLESS, BUT the fact that you did not give them consent makes things a lot harder for them in court…In New Jersey, EVEN IF you are arrested for an outstanding warrant, they STILL need a warrant to search your vehicle…I got off on a marijuana possession charge this way…It is very important to know your rights and to not let police officers get away with violating them….I’m with NWA though : “FCK THE POLICE!!!”

  28. I suppose the other rule is to use common sense above all else. Don’t act like a weiner for the sake of it, just show the cops you’re an intelligent human being.

    Cops are human too, and will push the limits of the law just as much as we push ours by driving over the limit. But it’s important not to just bend over because they’re the police.

  29. Matt says:

    At no point does anyone in the videos advocate being a jerk to the police officers, what they do advocate is exercising the rights that you have been guaranteed.

    You don’t have to deliver the lines verbatim and in the same manor as they are in the video’s, but you should exercise your rights. The 5th amendment gives you the right to not incriminate yourself basically. When the officer asks, “Do you know what I pulled you over?” and you respond with, “I was speeding.” You have just given up your right and incriminated yourself all with 3 words. That’s horrible, and you’re stupid for doing it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with the idea of complying with the officers wishes. You’re not going to win an argument on the side of the road with a cop. However you should never give up your rights so simply. If they want to search your car, you can always say something such as “if you do, you will be doing so without my permission.” There’s nothing there saying you’re going to try to stop them, and it can keep you out of trouble later on in court, where this kind of thing should be sorted out anyhow (hence not trying to win an argument with them on the side of the road).

    As for some of the other comments being made. Any officer that doesn’t respect the fact that you have rights and can exercise them whenever you see fit, has become too jaded and needs to leave the force. They’re here to protect our rights, not see how they can loophole their way through them. The officers that don’t care about these are the exact one’s that you should not be giving up your rights to, and should be allowing it to be settled on your court date.

    Again, nothing here says you need to be disrespectful to the officer. You can still say “sir”, “thank you”, “take care.” You should say those things just out of common courtesy. But at the same time, out of respect for yourself, you should not give up your rights so easily.

    Don’t forget, the people are supposed to have all the rights, and give the government the rights they choose. I don’t understand at what point it became the other way around. People giving up their rights at the first sign of inconvenience only makes it that much harder to have their (and others) rights protected.

  30. John says:

    That was the worst guide i’ve ever seen.

  31. saone says:

    When you agree to a search you forfit your rights. Say no. Dont trust the police cause they are trained to make you confess what you did. If you said you were speeding you have already admitted to them your guilt and thats all they need. The police are the largest gang in the world. they dont care for you!

  32. PhiLLy in DaLLaS says:

    “The bottom line is: if you break the law you deserve the penalty. I truly believe that people who are stopped are stopped for a REASON.”

    Sorry but that’s incorrect, I have heard many cases of people being pulled over because they were “driving too perfect” so even if you don’t break ANY laws, the cops will just think you’re trying to hide something. I have been pulled over many times due to racial profiling and have not done anything wrong, have been harassed and had my car illegally searched (he said he “smelled something” which is BS, he just looked at my record and figured I might have something in the car) and then was sent on my way…I don’t know about other parts of the country (live in Texas now, cops here don’t really bother me) but New Jersey is HORRIBLE with racial profiling and violating people’s RIGHTS…And yes, we are GRANTED RIGHTS that are supposed to be followed, just like you like to have your freedom of speech and your freedom of religion..these are RIGHTS.

  33. David says:

    You are fucked up.

    So youre telling me that your cops are like mad dogs that you need a manual to “survive” encounters with them?

    Good luck.

  34. George K says:

    RE: James

    “Remember your rights only get you so far”

    What country do you live in? What about due process. Innocent until proven guilty?

    “Writing a ticket just makes more work for them so most of them would prefer not to go to the hassle”

    It’s their job. So you’re saying that if you are “nice” the cops won’t do their job and break the law?

    Cops collect evidence, so any word from your mouth will be evidence against you.

  35. Emanla Eraton says:

    @A_Pickle: If you have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t be searching you.

  36. chris says:

    i think its time we all take responsibility for our own protection.our own lives
    if you want to shoot heroin,that should be up to you not the government.
    but if you try rob me to pay for it, and i will open that neck up,dissolve you in Hydrofluoric.and pour you down a gutter.no tax dollars required.
    But if you dont want to work and instead try to take my shit,that should be your choice too.

  37. Jone says:

    The top vid was pretty lame. he just pissed off the cop and got a ticket. If he would have atleast let him check the car and not been a dick he could have maybe got out of the ticket

  38. Go away says:

    “Always lick the pen the Pig gives you, put it in your mouth, or stick it in your ear, and scratch a bit. Then, he’ll to throw his pen away, and have to buy another.
    Words by Feldwebel Wolfenstool ”
    Who do you think bought that pen? The cop or your taxes.

    Re: Chris
    “i think its time we all take responsibility for our own protection.our own lives
    if you want to shoot heroin,that should be up to you not the government.
    but if you try rob me to pay for it, and i will open that neck up,dissolve you in Hydrofluoric.and pour you down a gutter.no tax dollars required.
    But if you dont want to work and instead try to take my shit,that should be your choice too.”
    That is the dumbest thing I have read in a long time.

  39. Peej says:

    I have to agree with the respect issue – although the title is “Protect your rights” – not how to avoid a ticket.

    Personally I have had good luck with:
    Pull over immediatly,
    turn off radio, don’t be on the phone, roll down the window, and turn your car off – when the officer approaches the car – yes hands on the wheel – don’t be rooting around in the glove compartment etc – basically make a point to show that you are no threat.

    If you really do not know what you are pulled ok – say you do not know – but I have been let off the hook far more often by saying exactly what speed I thought I was going. — If you F’d up – you F’d up – take your damn lumps —

    If you care more about being “right” even though you know you are in the wrong, go ahead a disagree – if you were doing 70 in a 45 – and you say I have no idea why you pulled me over they think one of two things – You are an idiot and do not deserve to be behind the wheel if you do know you were driving that fast – or- a lying ass… ether way you deserve a ticket.

    However – I fail to see how lying about speeding is protecting your rights – technically, lets say you take it to court, and in this proceeding you say somthing that contradicts statements you mad to the officer, then you have broken a second law, interfering with an investigation.

    Oh – agreed how to avoid a DUI – don’t drive drunk -

  40. dumb says:

    This is simply a way to guarantee you get a ticket. Sure, you get away with the pot in the glovebox but anyone with nothing to hide should NOT listen to 90% of this advice.

  41. Neva says:

    Well, after reading everyone’s comments about “oh, 9 out of 10 times (which, by the way, TEN times is more times that I’ve ever been pulled over), I’ve just been given a warning,” I’m quite jealous.

    I’m 26 years old, a damn good looking woman, and NOT ONCE have I
    ever been let off with “just a warning….” There was even a time when I was pulled over at 3am (after driving for 9 1/2 hours) for going 67 in a 65 zone that was JUST marked as a construction zone about 100 feet back….which technically meant the speed limit was then 55 mph….oh, and did I mention it was my birthday??? Yes, people, I can’t make this crap up….at any rate, I STILL got a ticket, the officer didn’t even give it a second thought…just wrote the ticket and tried to smile so smugly at me as I rolled my window up….

    In a nutshell, WOOHOO! to those of you who’ve been so lucky as to get 9 warnings out of 10 stops….kiss my ass…..

  42. zombie says:

    All the fascist totalitarian policestate jack heads love thinking being an ass puppet to illegal unregulated unwarranted law enforcement is okay just lie down and take it like a good ‘civil liberties’ rape victim. Oh thank yahs massah cop you save me from the meanie meth heads you ignore cause yuz knowz wez regular citizens need occasional friskin and beatings for thinking we our rights should be respected. praise the lord! Too much trouble to investigate real criminals, more money for the department making random stops and threats to jack up numbers for Homeland Security grants. Topic 101 in training.

    Same jackbooted goons tout luvin America and only they are patriotic. They’d had been Brit sympathizers before the Revolution. Friends with Arnold.

  43. Humor Manan says:

    Get pulled over, Admit to whatever.
    Be friendly and he might just be nice

  44. Mr. Little says:

    Nice collections of videos, will have to practice so of these techniques.

  45. P. says:

    I find it interesting that the major thing people are worried about is getting a ticket. Getting a violation is nothing. Giving up your rights as an American is EVERYTHING. I have been pulled over nearly 50 times in my life (I’m only 24), and I’ve been ticketed three times, and never did I speak the police. Most of the time I was pulled over because it was late and the officer thought I may be drunk (although I’ve never had alcohol in my life either). I oft to not answer questions, I always refuse a search, and I never get out of my car. Some cops get pissed at me and try to bully me, and some understand that I, under no circumstances, am not willing to implicate myself. I echo this: Never talk to the police.

  46. Gemini says:

    well i have went over all these comments, and to be honest it sounds like most of them were written by…well cops. that whole thing about that their just doing their job is some what bull. I once was drivivg next to a cop and i look over and he no seat belt on another police officer passes and he did not pull over the one with no seat belt and this was long after that “click it or ticket” shit started. So why do the laws apply to me and not the ones I pay to enforce it? I have had many jobs from fast food to in home health care never and i mean never has anyone tried to make my job easy by giving me less work. i understand that the officers have a hard job and that their are some fucked up people in the world that would cause them harm, but like my mom told me when i came home from a vary long day on my feet almost 9 hours straight… “you choose that job it was not assined to you! And if you don’t like the way people treat you and you fell you deserve more or better then quit”
    It is a fact police have had problems with citezins and rouge cops since law inforcment was started police problems aint new, hell problems with the police aint new.
    and that innocent people aint got nothing to hide well that is just a joke i have never had a run in with the police well except once when i was first learning to drive and i was going way to slow the officer laughed at me for a sec and then gave me a few pointers then went about his day, but i still don’t want anyone taking my life apart because there might be a problem.
    and to the “look up limit in the diconary” guy… ok so if limit of 55 means that is as fast as i am leagally aloud to go then why do people get stopped for going 40 in that zone, are they not within the limit?
    To anyone i have upset with these comments… “i’m sorry sir/ma’am i know i was wrong” so now nobody should type anything mean to me.

  47. Gemini says:

    hey i had missed a comment “Get pulled over, Admit to whatever.
    Be friendly and he might just be nice” might is a vary strong word i mean hey he MIGHT be a rapist, a killer, a racist, an extorshoinist, a jerk, an asshole, or just your avverge dick. all types make up the police force and if you don’t believe me watch “Tru TV( used to be called court TV) or A-n-E they have plenty of cases where the cops are the criminals. once again “I’m sorry”

  48. Gemini says:

    hey i had missed a comment “Get pulled over, Admit to whatever.
    Be friendly and he might just be nice” might is a vary strong word i mean hey he MIGHT be a rapist, a killer, a racist, an extortionist, a jerk, an asshole, or just your average dick. all types make up the police force and if you don’t believe me watch “Tru TV( used to be called court TV) or A-n-E they have plenty of cases where the cops are the criminals. once again “I’m sorry” I know this was above but i had some words spelled wrong so …. i fixed it

  49. […] don’t even remember how I came upon RideLust but I found a very eductional post titled “Protect Your Rights: How To Deal With The Police If You Get Pulled Over”. […]

  50. George says:

    This site is good, but doesn’t apply to me because I’m not American. Do you know any similar sites which are applicable to English law?

  51. zombie says:

    The law says you have a right to face your accuser but in my town they have taught their cop pairs to sit in their car while the other does the ticketing and then THEY sign the ticket and the other cop brings it back to the car for you to sign. Normally one thinks the cop they are talking to is the person swearing to the stop and violation, so you sign it thinking that cop will be the person at the court date. I have purposely not paid and went on to fight a bogus ticket on false accusation of turn signal violation just to stop my car in a bad area.
    Therefore never sign a ticket unless the cop shows his name and badge and it matches the ticket otherwise ask whose signature it is. If they say it it theirs, then they will be lying in court. That’s what I’ll do the next time. Get their name and badge and car #. license. Use a cellphone camera and take their picture through the closed car window and email it to yourself.

  52. zombie says:

    Key thing is most cops in my city drive solo but the cop making the stop had a partner I couldn’t see with the emergency lights and blaring headlights and when I asked was the signature the approaching cop’s after walking back to my car, he lied and said yeah.
    When I got to the court room this second guy suddenly appeared to testify to say he was at the scene and that he signed the ticket leaving me to act bewildered trying to speak of my encounter with the driver cop who conveniently couldn’t attend. The judge said even though they barely had a case against me the burden is basically the person getting the ticket, me, and the city has the lowest level of proof required to accuse and fine.
    Their word, as just out of school cops speeding from 4 blocks away to catch a putt-putt junk car of a woman going home just blocks away in the blizzard in the hood, against her swearing she did make a legal turn and signal.

  53. Just Wow says:

    I think the video is right that it is important to know your rights, that you can refuse to let them search without a warrent.

    But I also think it’s very important to know when you push your rights and when to just go with the flow.

    The first video of the smug little teenager is a sure guarentee you will get a ticket. There is no way the officer was letting him go. I prefer to handle traffic stops my way.

    On the other hand, the next 2 videos of the lawyer and the officer were good and I can see their point on how talking to the police can be used against you. If you didn’t see those videos you should check them out.

  54. […] this week, Ridelust posted this absurd article about how to deal with cops if you get pulled over. The article talks about your rights, the fifth amendment, what a cop is and […]

  55. Jonny P says:

    To comment-6198: Oh no! They gave you a ticket on your birthday?! How insane! I mean, maybe we should start letting killers be acquitted ’cause it’s their birthday! Hell, Screw it, it’s your birthday, go do anything you want. I mean, the law doesn’t apply on your birthday, right?

  56. Adam says:

    I think the first vid is really more of a how to on getting out of getting caught with weed, not really a speeding ticket. If your biggest concern is getting out of a speeding ticket, then hell yes, be as polite and cooperative as possible cause worst case scenario you still get the ticket. Now if you have weed or something else, then it might be worth being a stickler about your rights cause you never know what you might be getting charged with later. Something tells me though, from this example that this cop probably would have had enough probably cause to search this car anyway, then they would have been really fucked.

  57. Drazyr says:

    This article is based on the premise of three basic rights of all American citizens, and while good advice, may not apply to your location. However, most democratic societies have these rights in some form, being:

    1. The right of protection against unlawful searches.
    2. The right against self-incrimination.
    3. The right of legal counsel.

    Since I’m Canadian, I’ll list the comparable sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

    1. Section 8 states, “Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.”

    2. Section 13 states, “A witness who testifies in any proceedings has the right not to have any incriminating evidence so given used to incriminate that witness in any other proceedings, except in a prosecution for perjury or for the giving of contradictory evidence.”

    3. Section 10 states, “Everyone has the right to on arrest or detention
    a) to be informed promptly of the reasons therefor;
    b) to retain and instruct counsel without delay and to be informed of that right; and
    c) to have the validity of the detention determined by way of habeas corpus and to be released if the detention is not lawful. ”

    Of course, the specifics of the law vary greatly from location to location, so it is always prudent to contact a local expert if you have any questions.

    Good article.

  58. David says:

    First, I agree with everyone who found this article demeaning, ridiculous, and “douchebaggy,” for lack of a better word. Police are not the mafia, but, surprisingly, are ordinary people like you and me doing their jobs. Coming off as an asshole will only get you more trouble.

    In addition, while you don’t *have* to roll-down your window more than an inch or so, the Supreme Court agreed that such an action is suspicious in and of itself and warrants greater protective measures for the officer, including asking for you to exit the vehicle and checking you for weapons. See “Adams v. Williams” (1972).

  59. dmax says:

    “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

    “Because you found the bodies?”

  60. […] Learn to Protect Your Rights, very informative from the mouth of the beast itself. […]

  61. […] Protect Your Rights: How To Deal With The Police If You Get Pulled Over (tags: videos video tutorial tips stop security search rights ticket) […]

  62. Gabe A says:

    I don’t understand where all the hate with police is coming from. I am a Sheriff’s Deputy. Yes, I pull people over because they are going over the speed limit, but why are you getting angry at me? You are the one that broke the law, what am I supposed to do? It’s my JOB to enforce it. I put my life on the line every day to protect and serve. I am actually pretty insulted at the portrayal of “us” in the first video. Even if you do smoke weed and other things, why the hate? I still work to keep you safe at night, so people don’t break in and steal or try to kill you. I work long hours patrolling unsafe streets to MAKE them safe. Why do you hate us for doing our job, all while protecting you? I was a college kid once too, and I hate busting parties like that, but it is our freaking job. It isn’t our fault you broke the law. Own up to it.

  63. mojo says:

    i can’t believe what a bunch of douches most of you are. i don’t know if you ARE police officers or if you’re married to police officers, or if you’re just a bunch of pussies, but your rights are more important than a ticket. you have a goddamn responsibility to stand up for your rights and to allow them to be trampled to save a hundred bucks is ridiculous. you sound like the douches who agree that giving our rights away in the patriot act was ‘worth it’. fuck you all.

  64. […] -How To Deal With The Police If You Get Pulled Over The linked video shows the correct way to handle a traffic stop in the U.S.A. I’m not sure if this procedure would work everywhere though. Share and Enjoy: […]

  65. @ Mojo – I am not a cop, I am not married to a cop, and I am not related to a cop. I am, however, a realist, and I don’t have much patience for douches like yourself who harbor this fallacy that you as an individual are the most precious creation on the planet and should be coddled and protected from the harsh realities of the world. What are you, 12? Your individual right to smoke a joint or recklessly speed in your ’85 Ford Fiesta doesn’t take precedence over the safety of the public as a whole. Grow up, dumbass.

  66. Connor says:

    You know, just because you have rights, doesn’t mean you have to enforce them. It’s your choice, and if you choose to say, allow a police officer to search your car or to roll your window all the way down, your rights aren’t being ‘trampled.’

    At any rate, how about you just follow the law, and be polite? Both the officers and the laws are there for a reason.

  67. Bob says:

    The hitch in this is that you are going to get yourself more tickets or arrested and have to fight it in court, when you do not respond to the question of “do you know what the speed limit is” he’s going to repeat it, when you do not respond again, he’s going to think you’re either on crack or have something to hide (both red flags). When you only roll your window down 1-3 inches, it’s going to raise another red flag and make the cop think you’re hiding something; this is going to get your car searched without a doubt. At best you’ve now just wasted an hour and still got the ticket, at worst you’ve got a half dozen other tickets and got yourself arrested and then you’ll have to fight it in court (where you might win if you have this awesome lawyer above) but he costs a pretty penny and you still have to pay the original ticket.

    Moving beyond a traffic stop to more serious situations, the example put forth in the videos has a lot more credence, as the cost of lawyer may become irrelevant, but pulling this on $200 speeding ticket is more of a how to on how to lose money vs sticking it to the man. JMHO

  68. Will says:

    Gabe –

    While it’s true that MOST cops are good, nice people who are just doing their jobs (my mom is a cop), there are still a significant number that aren’t. You should always be polite and respectful to police in honor of the good ones, but retain your rights to protect you from the bad. I don’t know where you live, but I think a lot of the trouble people have with cops stems from their area. I live in a fairly wealthy county, so there isn’t much REAL crime to protect against; instead the cops are trying to show force in order to PREVENT crime. As admirable as this is, it does mean that for many citizens, especially the young ones, we get accosted by officers for no reason other than the outside chance we are criminals. It feels an awful lot like living in a military state, and I’ve had to assert my rights (politely) many times to avoid them. A friend of mine and I were even accosted while taking a walk through his neighborhood at night, and the officer wasted our time while calling in backup to search the area for drugs. They found nothing, and when I refused a search of my person they had ZERO cause for forcing the issue. They were annoyed but could do nothing but leave us alone after wasting our night.

  69. tychis says:

    thankx to someone who is finally telling people that they are never guilty of anything except what they agree to be punished for. Law IS NOT paramount to our existance. Governments are nothing more than a corporation designed to reflect and enhance an economy Laws are designed to force economy as well as regulate it. Criminal law however is a tort. An extortion of assets with regard to speeding tickets, arrest for tressspass, noise complaint, even keeping down a truely indiginous beautiful and helpful plant from helping solve a lot of the worlds problems. Mankind is for the most part an idiot, especially the ones who need to decide that someone else is causing a problem within yourself. And then forcing that problem onto someone other than your own responsibility.

  70. Ohiowordguy says:

    The police are NOT your friends. Their “business” is giving out tickets and arresting people. That’s how they approach it, and that also is how the courts operate — as a business, not as some altruistic pursuit of justice. Folks, the truth and doing what’s right have nothing to do with justice, and justice is whatever the judge decides it is on that particular day.

    Prosecutors get paid to prosecute, NOT to let people go. It ain’t like on TV, folks. Take a day off sometime and go sit in a “Common Pleas” courtroom (or your state’s equivalent), and watch the wheels of justice in motion. I guarantee, it will leave you with a sick, hollow feeling and you will never willingly go back.

    A very good friend of mine is a very successful attorney and let me tell you that he *despises* prosecutors. Why? He says because they are the ones who were too stupid to get hired by law firms, so they go to work as prosecutors! They are your typical government drones. Think DMV people with the power to put you in jail, and you have your typical prosecutor.

    EVERYTHING the law professor says in this video is true, and you will note that the policeman — a reasonable guy — admitted that at both the beginning and end of his remarks. say what you want, but the law professor is right! Don’t talk to the cops — EVER.

  71. Morgan says:

    This video is hilarious and wrong on so many levels.

  72. New Ferrari says:

    Thanks for sharing the videos. Now I know what is appropriate to do.

  73. jack says:

    forget the actors but here the message everthing the cop tried was rjght and everthing the kid said was better especailly if the cituation were to go to court

  74. HawaiiGuy says:

    Cops are super macho assholes, anything that is not total servility will get them riled up. In contrast, by acting the groveling civilian worm they think you are, you can get away with a lot.

    The number one rule is to have all your paperwork and registration crap in order, if you don’t, you’re screwed. Also, this ain’t the 70’s people, weed is a genuine drug bust for them, don’t smoke it in your car, that’s just not smart.

    I’ve never had a cop ask to search my vehicle, and I’ve had weed in when pulled over, the trick is having all your papers and being calm, patient, and subservient. Don’t be like guys in tthe vids and piss them off.

  75. TooTired4War says:

    I agree with Ohiowordguy; ‘justice’ is a business, a revenue stream for the state and local governments, especially with regard to traffic offenses. In the New Jersey suburbs, local governments view their police force/municipal court systems as profit centers, and are willing to fund these entities quite handsomely knowing that they’ll probably get a return on their investment at the end of the fiscal year. Oh, and don’t forget the insurance companies, they get their cut of all this too.

    A state police officer admitted to me once that a typical police department will impose monthly ticket quotas on their patrol officers as a metric by which to gauge their on-the-job performance. That may be all well and good, private business uses similar devices to gauge the effectiveness of their employees, but it brings up an issue. If the police are doing their job effectively, then violations of the law should go down. Ticket quotas never do, if they did it would mean a serious loss of revenue, not good for the bottom line. So how does an officer meet his performance criteria in this case? After all, It’s the officer’s word against the perpetrator’s…

    It’s this system of coin box justice that inspires cynicism toward and distrust of the police. Just as the lawyer contended in his lecture that there’s no one who’s truly innocent, I also believe there isn’t one police officer who at some time in his/her career hasn’t deliberately accused a person he knows to be innocent of a violation of the law in order that the officer might gain from the arrest. The system makes it happen.

    Keep your mouth shut when dealing with the police, make them earn their keep.

  76. DaveyDave says:

    @neva: Cops give tickets to pretty girls because the pretty girls always get the easy breaks in life. Unattractive girls get warnings ;)

  77. Damien says:

    Just goes to show you how truly apathetic and complacent some people are. If you retain your rights (keep in mind they’re rights for a reason) in a respectful manner, that little “Attitude Test” will only come up to an attorney.

    So if your advice is just to act like I’m going to bow down like a weakling just to avoid a ticket, I’m sorry, it doesn’t wash at all. You might want to have a look at the videos posted. If I get a ticket, I’ll take it to court and give them grief, legally. If I go to jail, again, I’ll take it to court and watch my attorneys give him legal monetary grief for the rest of his life.

    They MUST state Probable CAUSE not SUSPICION or obtain a warrant or the searches don’t happen. If they attempt to intimidate you, simply, respectfully ask them to obtain a warrant. When they don’t and they do all that bullshit of putting you in the back of their car and searching anyway without your consent or warrant, the attorneys are going after them for Title 42, Section 1983…then, their supervisor will be paying you for vicarious liability

  78. Rasputin says:

    this is how you really deal with cops


  79. justin says:

    Ok if I get stopped and i need to be somewhere i will never give concent to let pig search my car. sorry but im not taking that small chance of someone leaving stuff(drugs) in my car sorry. Oh this a quote from corey smith “fuck the popo”

  80. Katy says:

    Can you get in trouble if you get pulled over and someone else has drugs on them?

  81. iceme says:

    I have been pulled over before and all the cops want is my phone number and they let me go. stupid, I always give the wrong number, i would never date a pig. they totally abuse there power, well not all of them but some.

  82. […] n Protect Your Rights: How To Deal With The Police If You Get Pulled Over […]

  83. Tymet says:

    the arguement that an innocent person has nothing to hide is what is false. the reason is that if that statement were true, no one in the whole world would ever be able to refuse a search, therefore we might aswell change the laws so that the police can search anything they want. they can’t assume that just because you are using your right of protection from illegal search and seizure, that you are doing something illegal. if it were the case that rerfusing a search was grounds for a search, then you aren’t protected at all from illegal search and seizure. on a side note, the police will lie to you and are allowed to lie at any time to get you to do things that they can’t actually make you do. always a good thing to keep in mind

  84. NY2Paris says:

    Cops break the rules because they have permission to do so.
    These jerks or people, were hired to harass & collect revenue, because the Police Dept its a big business and nothing more. Cops don’t patrol the streets to keep them safe these days. These A*#holes are stalkers looking only forward to meet their “daily quota” of infractions. Otherwise it would appear to their supervisors that they are not doing their assignment,
    (I know it from the source: my ex-brother in law is a cop)

    In 2007 I was stopped in Scottsdale AZ, while vacationing for the weekend with my family, and just because the stupid Officer seemed very impressed with my car’s 2 headrest DVD player which my little son was enjoying while I was driving back to the hotel. I know this because the first thing he said was: “those things are expensive and how could I afford such?” (expensive? $199 at WalMart, officer).
    He also asked if I was a drug dealer, which of course I am not, but before I knew it my car was surrounded by several patrols, undercover cars, and you have guessed it: the cannine unit!
    That kind of s#***t its incredibly embarrasing and also humilliating for any one involved, not to mention my child’s tears and fears.
    I don’t remember ever being told or asked to consent to any type of search. In fact, I did not know that you had to be told before they did it. All along I thought It was, perhaps, mandatory and anyone driving a car had to endure it.

    Instead I found my little 4 year old son and I jammed in the back seat of a patrol while they searched and the dog sniffed the car which took a long time. Very rude people by the way! Some of these officers were laughing while this took place. In the mean time, I was having a very difficult time consoling my little son who was very confussed and scared of the whole experience.

    Did the officer ever give me a reason why he stopped us in the 1st place?
    No he did not. When I asked, he simply answered by saying: “I did everything whithin the law”… So, after 2 hours of torture the whole thing ended and everyone parted their own ways. My car was a serious mess after the fact, and ever since, I have a very real resentment toward these cowards. I no longer respect them. No way!

    My little son, now 6, still remembers the episode and sometimes he asks me “if the cops are goin to stop us again and take us away? ” when we see a patrol driving by. That’s what I call “mental trauma”.

    I Drive a Mercedes SL300 these days, and recently I had another sick encounter with another undercover patrol, and got stopped simply because this Idiot “just wanted to make sure sure I was not driving a “stolen Car” and no other reason. My License plates and tags were in place and registration and insurance in check as well.
    I hated it again because my son was in the car with me again and I am sure his memories and fears about the previous incident were brought back to life. So, how can this kind of crap be allowed? Are we ready to admit that they can do whatever the hell they want? Its unethical.
    What the hell its wrong with these imbecil public servants… They might as well start knocking on every housedoor to try to gain entry and conduct unlawful searches looking to find “something wrong” to get you for, and simply because “they have the authority”. F*ck that!
    (I think that “day” its fast approaching anyway”)

    My personal opinion is that we need to limit their power and cocky behavior. The Police Force are far more polite in Europe. In fact I don’t believe cops comprehend how to be polite in the America. Its not a requirement in their daily agenda. There’s a big difference between “patrolling the streets” and “stalking drivers” and stalking its what they do nowadays! Does this make you happy my friends?
    Cops are also people, but they also do just about any unimaginable stupid thing just like you or me, or worse. The big difference is that they have almost unlimited power and freedom to screw you up and thats the fun part of their job: POWER+FREEDOM= Abuse of power!

    “If I had a wish I would ask to make sure that cops reincarnated as toilet bowls for a day”… Taking a crap would have a whole new meaning!

    Just a final note: Cops have one of the highest rates of suicide in America . .. That’s twisted!!!

  85. ack says:

    I just want to know one thing….Can the police just come to the door of passsenger and driver tell them to put their hands oujt in front of them and then open your door and pull you from the car and pat you down. withouteven asking. Even though he has your registration -insurance-drivers license. And then tell you that your being arrested as they pull you from your car and searched by threeofficers. then they dont pat yoyu down they give you an a-1 search by going through your pockets diguised as a pat down?

  86. Mike says:

    What type of advice is “Don’t speed” or “Don’t Drink and Drive”??
    Everyone speeds @ some time or other…even cops !!! I appreciate the fact that cops are supposed to “protect and serve”….but let’s be realistic and face facts…it all about the $$$$$.
    Speeding tickets are great ways for police to generate revenue and make their boss happy with filling their quotas. And DWI even bring in more $$$ for everyone on the dole!
    If’s NOT about protecting us ( as they would then not give out a ticket for 5-10 miles over on a empty street)—it about the easy $$$.
    I am now older and wiser….and the more I know the less I respect the police and the b.s. system. Wise up and know your rights!!!

  87. dvoratexn says:

    Alright, a lot of you people are talking trash about this. Saying things like “this video is trash and makes you piss off the cops even more.” or “just be nice and respectful and you’ll get off with a warning.” I’ve been pulled over like the rest of us, I’ve also seen the shady side of the law enforcement sector in our communities. Many of you ignorant people don’t simply understand that police CAN and WILL try to trick naive people into waiving their given rights as a citizen, which all of us should be aware of. These videos help PROTECT you as a citizen, and avoid UNNECESSARY AND INTIMIDATING ATTITUDES that many police officers abuse to get what they want. Lawyers will agree, if police can manipulate people as their job, then by all means we can counter it by knowing our rights and putting it right back in their face.

  88. dvoratexn says:

    As for the “nothing to hide” argument, heres how I see it. Assuming someone is innocent, it really doesn’t matter if you have nothing to hide or not. It only depends on whether or not you want a stranger with a badge going through your car. Just because someone has nothing to hide does not necessarily mean that its automatically okay for a cop to ravage through your stuff. It all depends on how necessary the search is, and how comfortable you are with that.

    If you ARE hiding something, and theres no evidence or probable cause to lead the cop to the search, too bad so sad, the cop will have to find another way to legally prove your possession. Like with a drug dog. And unless you fit the profile of a stoner, have a car full of smoke, or are the target of a most likely bored small-town cop, then the chance of that happening are slim to none.

  89. dvoratexn says:

    …and to add on to my earlier comment, I’m not saying that cooperating with the police will get you tricked and put in handcuffs. I’m saying that police officers are trained psychologically to poke around and ask unnecessary questions that you absolutely do not have to answer, or trick questions that might make you out to be someone you aren’t. Be friendly, respectful and cooperative when dealing with police, but do not lose focus of your rights and be intimidated.

  90. pun pun says:

    I can’t see the videos but I read this , and I see sum comments where people are all fired up about this ! just calm down. its just simple blog about rights people have in a situation when u are pulled over by the cops, its doesn’t mean it makes it ok for people to violate or break laws . There are many different people including personalities and many different situations , and then you have then stereo types. This blog doesn’t really give out correct information on this topic and it doesn’t explain it well. But in case I have been pulled over before and felt a little nervous specially being young and a little naïve , I got pulled over nov 4 2008 , I wasn’t speeding I was just in traffic waiting for the light to turn green and seconds after the cops pulled me over they had been behind on the left side of me , ofcourse I was coaperative and polite and asked nicely why was I getting pulled over , they asked me for my lics.. And registration I had all my stuff so I couldn’t see what the problem was I wastrying to. call my mom because she was waiting for me but they said I couldn’t use my fone they made me wait for 20 min and came back and said that my car wasn’t showing up as registered , even I though had proof of valid registration of my car , funny thing is that I had just registered my car couple months prior anyway so I still got a citation fix it ticket I did not get off with a warning they told me that I had to check back with the dmv and go to court I called the dmv and they said everything was fine that there wasn’t a problem still went to court and it was dissmised. I missed a whole day of work it was really wack . Another case was with a family member he was a
    U.s resident didn’t know much at the time he was walking home from work and 2 cops stoped him asked him for his I. D and handcuffed him told him to wait and they both went to the car with his I.d came mins later and unhandcuffed him told him they made a mistake and he was free to go . They said they confused him with somebody else and one of them said oh its because of your necklace , till this day he’s gotten stoped by them many times and he is always been free to go . I don’t think of all cops the same way but I have seen cops and experienced that attitude when they do try to intimidiate you or when they are on their power trip , there are just situation when you don’t feel as protected as you should be .

  91. William Fetzko says:

    This is bull shit. By being open and honest and not being a liberal dick, I’ve managed to get out of many tickets. If I had followed this method, I’d have pissed the cop off and gotten a ticket every time. God this is infuriating.

  92. m.smalls says:

    All i have to say is fuck the police, except for that one honest to goodness cop that are so rare these days. Ive known a lot of cops in my day who are nothing but corrupt hypocrites who think they can break the law because they are the law. I married into a family of law enforcement who get hammered and act foolish at family gatherings and then DRIVE home endangering the lives of their own families and the families they are sworn to protect. This goes for all traffick violations and even narcotics. Why do u break the law on the weekend then come to work and arrest people for the same shit u did. HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELFS?!! FUCK U POPO!

  93. anomnius says:

    ok i dont care about geting pulled over and all that shit its not really a big deal everyone is going to get pulled over once in there life. but i have been looking all over the enternet trying to find privicy shit the cops have hooked a camra a cross the street from my house and have been watching me for 2 month i dont know what the hell there trying to do. and they have been going through my text messages. are they aloud to do that i havent done nothing wrong???

  94. Unseen says:

    all the rights vs. money arguments aside, if you’re trying to hide your weed, don’t bitch when they rind it; you shouldn’t have been smoking it. if you’re caught speeding, there is nothing wrong with admitting you were speeding. having a right is not having a moral obligation to maximize your use of those rights. we all have an obligation to make this lifetime smoother for everybody.

    cops are going to do what they’re going to do no matter what. all anybody can do is control how they deal with it. if you want to be angry and upset for days, that’s your choice, but it doesn’t make america any more american and it sure as shit doesn’t get you out of a ticket

  95. fab says:


  96. fab says:

    YES NO ONE. do yur searches. the video is clear, be very courteous and respectful of the officer’s Job and person. that doesn’t mean be a wuss.
    the video explains very clearly that you must remain tightly closed up. that if you open up in any way, that basically WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. so basically it says, shut up , get your ticket, and sent your lawyer to court for you to fight it. if you are lucky it will be thrown out with a minimum court fee.

    it is the officer’s job to prove you, it is yours to shut up.. what’s complicated about it?

    the law is complex, you don’t know it.. so shut up! which part do you not understand?

    oh yeah.. that’s why you get arrested…
    this video is not to avoid getting a ticket, but to protect you in your rights.

    the officers end up being right: you open your mouth, you are the moron.

    some officers are very nice, nothing wrong with being nice back. just shut up!
    which part do you not get of: ‘shut up’?

  97. fab says:

    if you are speeding, you DO NOT ADMIT YOU ARE! you just accept the ticket! the ticket is NOT AN ADMISSION OF GUILT! it is just a report from the cop that the cop believes you may have broken a law.
    this is why it is called a CITATION instead of a CONVICTION!

    if you admit you did it, the lawyer cannot plead innocent for you, go to trial and get the case dismissed when the cop doesn’t show up to testify.

    unless you admit it or the court admits your culpability, you’re innocent.

    still wanna admit you guilt to the cop?….

    so get your citations, and keep the cops from invading your life. treat them nice, close the door behind you, put a nice smile on your face, give them some donuts and tell them you do not consent to a search or to answering any questions.

    zip it, thank them for their service, get the report of the stop (the ticket), move on.

    get it? or you’re too smoked up to understand?

  98. loyaljustice says:

    I got pulled over while driving my COP boyfriends car. I was going 110mph in a 65… As soon as I pulled over, I pulled up my skirt, unbuttoned a couple buttons on my blouse. I told the cop I was on my way to work and I had to use the bathroom very badly. I got a warning and the officers phone number!!!

  99. Edward says:

    Did you guys even watch the Law Class Video? His points can’t be argued. All you people who think you are smarter than the police or they are your friends or will let you off are stupid. Even the Supreme court has decided that police don’t have an obligation to protect you and can’t be held liable if harm comes to you because of their negligence.

    ANYTHING, you say can and will be used against you. It can NEVER be used for you

  100. Edward says:

    I know this because my dad is a Cop! He agreed with the points made here. The “oh just admit everything and he’ll let me off” people need to go away.. I’d rather take my chances in court where I have a great shot at winning on a traffic Violation than admit guilt and roll the dice.

    You have a better chance of the cop not showing up to your hearing,
    than you do of a professional ticket writer giving you a warning or letting you off easy.

    Especially in a time when traffic fines and fees are being used to make up for state and local government budget shortfalls. In these economic times if you think Police are going to give up revenue you are CRAZY

  101. Stefan Brunthaler says:

    God bless America.
    In Germany, you do not need instructions like that. The police officers dont even pull you over if you overtake them with 30 km/h over the limit … it causes too much report writing.

  102. imamu says:

    nobody here cares about their constitutional rights. not one person said anything about Right To Travel, everyone just accepts that a speeding ticket, headlight out, etc are real laws that everyone is supposed to obey. fact is these are all violations if you are involved in commerce, not your private vehicle. there are many supreme court decisions that support this. Right to travel means that without probable cause of a CRIME (speeding, dui, tail light out, no headlight, no plates, license, insurance are not crimes) { 1. The issue is whether this Citizen is required to obey the provisions in Michigan General Statutes. It is the contention of this Citizen that because he is a Free and Natural Person who has given up none of his “RIGHTS.” That the General Statutes does not apply to him. It is also the contention of this Citizen that travels upon the streets or highways by this Citizen is an inalienable “RIGHT.” Being this, is not subject to regulation or legislation by the State s General Assembly. 2. Let us first consider the contention of this Citizen that travels upon the streets or highways in is a “RIGHT.” Various courts have ruled on this issue. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled:

    2.1 The “RIGHT” to travel is a part of the liberty of which the Citizen “cannot be deprived” without due process of the law under the 5th Amendment. See: Kent v. Dulles, 357 U.S. 116, 125

    3. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin stated in 1909:

    3.1 The term “Public Highway,” in its broad popular sense, includes toll roads, streets, highways-and roadways which the public has a “RIGHT” to use even conditionally, though in a strict legal sense it is restricted to roads which are wholly public. See: Weirich v. State, 140 Wis. 98.

    4. The “Supreme Court” of the “State of Illinois” ruled:

    4.1 Even the legislature has no power to deny to a Citizen the “RIGHT” to travel upon the roadways and transport his property in the ordinary course of his business or pleasure, through this “RIGHT” might be regulated in accordance with the public interest and convenience. See: Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 N.E. 22

    “Regulated” here means traffic safety enforcement, stop lights, sign, etc., NOT a privilege that requires permission, i.e.; licensing, mandatory insurance, vehicle registration, etc..


    6.1 The use of the roadways for the purpose of travel and transportation is NOT a mere PRIVILEGE, but a “COMMON AND FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT” of which the public and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived. (Emphasis added) See: Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, supra; See: Ligare v. Chicago, 28 N.E. 934; See: Boone v. Clark, 214 S. W. 607;

    See: American Jurisprudence 1st Ed., Highways 163 6.2 A Citizen ‘s “RIGHT” to travel upon public highways includes the right to use usual conveyances of time, including horse-drawn carriage, or automobile, for ordinary purposes of life and business. See: Thompson v. Smith (Chief of Police), 154 S. E. 579, 580

    6.3 The “RIGHT” of the Citizen to travel upon the public roadways and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will, but a “COMMON RIGHT” which he has under the “RIGHT” to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. See: Thompson v. Smith, supra.

    7. It could not be stated more conclusively that Citizens of the States have a “RIGHT” to travel, without approval or restriction, (license), and that this “RIGHT” is protected under the U.S. Constitution. After all, who do the roadways belong to anyway? The People-At-Large. The following are additional court decisions that expound the same facts:

    7.1 . The streets and roadways belong to the public, for the use of the public in the ordinary and customary manner. See: Hadfield v. Lundin, 98 Wn. 657; 168 P. 516;

    7.2 All those who travel upon, and transport their property upon, the public highways, using the ordinary conveyance of today, and doing so in the usual and ordinary course of life and business. See: Hadfield, supra; See: State v. City of Spokane, 109 Wn. 360; 186 P. 864.

    7.3 The “RIGHT” of the Citizen to travel upon the highways and to transport his property thereon, in the ordinary course of life and business, obviously differs radically from that of one who makes the highways his principal place of business and uses it for private gain … See: State v. City of Spokane, supra.

    7.4 . While a Citizen has the “RIGHT” to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, that “RIGHT” does not extend to the use of the highways, either in whole or in part, as a place of business for private gain. For the latter purposes no person has a vested right to use the highways of the state, but is a MERE PRIVILEGE or license which the legislature may grant or withhold at its discretion …. See: Hadfield, supra; State v. Johnson, 243 P. 1073; See: Cummins v. Jones, 155 P. 171; See: Packard v. Banton, 44 S.Ct. 257, 264 U.S. 140 and other cases too numerous to mention.

    8. The “Washington State Supreme Court” stated:

    8.1 I am not particularly interested about the rights of haulers by contract, or otherwise, but I am deeply interested in the “RIGHTS” of the public to use the public highways freely for all lawful purposes. See: Robertson v. Department of Public Works, 180 Wash. 133 at 139

    9. The “Supreme Court of the State of Indiana” ruled in 1873:

    9.1 It is not the amount of travel, the extent of the use of a highway by the public that distinguishes it from a private way or road. It is the “RIGHT” to so use or travel upon it, not its exercise. See: ? Ind 455, 461

    10. 11 American Jurisprudence 1st, has this to say:

    10.1 The “RIGHT” of the Citizen to travel upon the public roadways and to transport his property thereon, by horse-drawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is NOT a mere PRIVILEGE which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but a “COMMON RIGHT” which he has under his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Under the Constitutional guarantee one may, therefore, under normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public roadways or in public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent manner, neither interfering with, not disturbing another’s “RIGHTS,” he will be protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct. (Emphasis added) See: 11 American Jurisprudence 1st., Constitutional Law, 329, page 1123

    11. The “Supreme Court of the State of Georgia” ruled:

    11.1 In this connection, it is well to keep in mind that, while the public has an absolute “RIGHT” to the use of the streets for their primary purpose, which is for travel, the use of the streets from the purpose of parking automobiles is a privilege, and not a “RIGHT”; and the privilege must be accepted with such reasonable burdens as the city may place as conditions to the exercise of that privilege. See: Gardner v. City of Brunswick, 28 S.E.2d 135

    12. The “Supreme Court of the State of Colorado” discussed the issue in the following way. 12.1 The Constitution of the State of Colorado, Article II, & sect; 3 provides that:

    All persons have certain natural, essential and inalienable “RIGHTS,” among which may be reckoned the “RIGHT” …. of acquiring, possessing and protecting property; ….

    12.1.1 A motor vehicle is “property” and a person “cannot be deprived” of property without due process of law. The term: “Property,” within the meaning of the due process clause, includes the “RIGHT” to make full use of the property which one has the inalienable “RIGHT” to acquire.

    12.1.2 Every Citizen has an inalienable “RIGHT” to make use of the public highways of the state; every Citizen has full freedom to travel from place to place in the enjoyment of life and liberty. See: People v. Nothaus, 147 Colo. 210

    13. The Constitution of the State of Idaho contains the words:

    13.1 All men are by nature free and equal, and have certain inalienable “RIGHTS,” among which are ….; acquiring, possessing, and protecting property …. (Emphasis added).

    14. The words of the Idaho Constitution are to all intents and purposes identical with those of the North Carolina Constitution. The Constitution of the State of North Carolina, Article I, & sect; 1, states as follows:

    14.1 The equality and rights of persons. We hold it to be self-evident that all persons are created equal; that they are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, the enjoyment of the fruits of their own labor, and the pursuit of happiness.

    14.2 To be that statutes which would deprive a Citizen of the rights of person or property without a regular trial, according to the course and usage of common law, would not be the law of the land. See: Hoke v. Henderson, 15 N.C. 15, 25 AM. Dec. 677}

    the constitution is your friend, but you waive all of your rights if you don’t stand up for them. without probable cause of a crime (burglary, rape, murder, kidnapping, there is no reason to be pulled over unless like i said you are operating a commercial vehicle, pizza delivery, 18 wheelers, taxi, security or police vehicle, etc. If you don’t stand for the constitution the constitution can’t stand for you.

  103. imamu says:

    i like cops, so don’t think that i am anti police. i’m just pro constitution. alot of people say “i know my rights” but 99% of them are just using lip service trying to intimidate the police. lol just remember, at a traffic stop isn’t the place to assert your rights.

  104. imamu says:

    @ fab. a citation isn’t just a citation it’s a summons (not a legal one, cause only an officer of the court can issue one) or a suit, meaning that the state is suing you for damages. don’t ever think that a citation is just a record. lol

  105. maria kang says:

    now i got a ticket for tinted front window and need to change address.
    but i’m very frustrated why a police ask me “are you married? n How old are you? it is that right ask that question?
    even my window tinted almost very light.

  106. Azrial says:

    The Anti-Police bias of this writer is obvious and some of his positions silly. You CAN have your own personal protection today,it is called PRIVATE SECURITY. What you can not do is hire your own traffic enforcement so that you can threaten them with their salary if they give you a ticket for breaking traffic law.

    You would have to be pretty dense to believe that the Free Market was a solution for this.

  107. Savagery says:

    This whole lot of nonsense is unnecessary, 80% of the time you will not get off with a warning regardless of how polite you are unless you’re doing a piddly 2mph over or something as mundane. All you can really to is defuse the situation and expedite the process by doing a few simple things. When the officer walks up I have my license, registration, and insurance handy and I’m handing the bundle to him before he asks so he can get on with his business and get out of my hair. Don’t make small talk, don’t argue, when he explains why he pulled you over, acknowledge his words but don’t admit guilt, on the same note as I said don’t argue, just sign the line with the X and go on your way. The police aren’t villains nor are they your friend, odds are decent they will be abrupt and generally unpleasant, don’t take offense because with any luck you wont have to talk to them again so shrug it off and resume your trip as if you hadn’t been interrupted.

  108. Me says:

    Scenario 1:

    Knock Knock…
    I wind the window down 3 inches.
    Me: “Hello, why have you stopped me?”
    Cop: “I stopped you because your speed was a little high.”
    Cop: “Do you have your License etc?”
    Me: “Sure buddy, here ya go.”
    Cop: “So where are you headed?”
    Me: “Nowhere Sir.”
    Cop: “Huh nowhere?, that’s not an answer!”
    Me: “What I mean is I was traveling for the fun of it with no goals.”
    Cop: “——————
    Cop: “Well I’m giving you this ticket for X in a Y zone.”
    Me: “With respect Sir, may I see the evidence of the offence?”
    Cop: “Err, well I was reading from my Speedometer.”
    Me: “I’ll be happy to accept the ticket if I can see the speed gun reading.”
    Cop: “Well Your details came back clean, so I can let you go with a caution”
    Cop: “Just keep the speed down and be more careful.”
    Me: “No problems, take it easy.”

    Scenario 2:

    Knock Knock…
    I wind the window down.
    Me: “Hello.”
    Cop: “Do you know why I stopped you?”
    Me: “Errr, I did something wrong?”
    Cop: “I stopped you because your speed was dangerously high.”
    Me: “Oh sorry about that, I didn’t mean to.”
    Cop: “Do you have your License etc?”
    Me: “Sure buddy, here ya go.”
    Cop: “So where are you headed?”
    Me: “I’m off to Jimmy’s house.”
    Cop: “Huh Jimmy?, where does he live?”
    Me: “Err, 175 Naughty St.”
    Cop: “And why are you going there?”
    Me: “Oh just for a small quiet party/gathering”
    Cop: “I better take a look around your car, open up!”
    Me: “Errr, ok.”
    Cop: “And why would you have a screwdriver in the glovebox?.”
    Me: “Oh um, I’m not sure. I just forgot it was in there.
    Cop: “So you’re saying you have a weapon that you don’t have a reason for carrying?”
    Me: “No no!, It’s nothing like that!”
    Cop: “Hmm, you seem very nervous about all this”
    Cop: “Well here are your 2 tickets Sir, speeding and carrying a concealed weapon”
    Me: “Oh, ok.”
    Cop: “So where did Jimmy live again?.”
    Me: “175 Naughty St Sir.”
    Cop: “OK OK, so all the details are on the back of your tickets so take it from there.”
    Cop: “I’ll just follow you to make sure you ARE going to Jimmy’s.”
    Me: “Alright, thank you for your help.”
    Jimmy: “What the!, why did you bring the cops to my house!!!”
    Me: “Errrr, sorry man I um errr.”
    Cop: “Excuse me Sir, are you Mr. Jimmy of 175 Naughty St.?”
    Jimmy: “Ahhh, yeah?.”
    Cop: “Is that marijuana I smell coming from your house?”
    Jimmy: “No way man!, we don’t do that at all!”
    Cop: “I’ve just smelt it giving me probable cause”
    Cop: “Open the door or you are under arrest!”
    Jimmy: “Oh what the! OK OK!”
    Cop: “Well after a good long look about in your house I’m satisfied there’s no drugs”
    Cop: “Sorry about the mess!”
    Cop: “You guys behave, if I have to come back here tonight someone’s going to jail.”
    Jimmy: “We’ll be cool, thank you for all your help.”
    The more you tell them, the more suspicious they become.
    If you could make money with trick questions, you would do it too.
    Anyone know the difference between an Act and a Law?

  109. katherina says:

    Well, Was stopped by policeman and almost got…5 tickets. Only said-Hello, I undersatnd and Sorry. He was imprest that I have driving lisence, insurance, registration and click my belt . What is suprise! I don’t like that , but I was lucky at this time! I thought I will lost like 400- 500 dollars from my pocket and I work hard for this money! What is a shame when you have power under people!

  110. erika says:

    hmm..all these people against this article are all probably white. you don’t know what it’s like to be pulled over just because your skin is brown or black. majority of the cops are pretty reasonable, non racist people. but there is a percentage of them that are racist pigs. for this situation it’s very convenient to know your rights.

    • ldagosta says:

      erika , I am sorry i will agree to disagree with you here. I am white and my sons have been ticketed five time more than I ever did in my entire lifetime and I am over 50.. they are law abiding and well try to be.. but in any event the LEO’s are out for blood and color has little to do with it, well unless you live in a city area and then I will have to agree that is a major part in it. it is the law of averages really, but neither here nor there.. ticketing for traffic violations is becoming the money pit of America, not that there arent other more serious crimes happening somewhere that they should be attending to.. really…. traffic law is becoming over-burdonsome to most of your everyday run of the mill people..

      PS PBA cards aren’t always bargaining chips either as I read somewhere to put that card on tip of the pile.. some LEO’s take that as an insult and add tickets as a result of using your PBA cards..

  111. sam says:

    wow this is absurd
    police officers are normal people…. they all act intimidating at first but soften up after they’re assured ur intentions arent malicious!!!
    theyre actually pretty nice ppl !!
    dont play up on ur rights…..treat them like u’d treat normal people !

  112. Mynor says:

    OK, Now for all those who think “police officers” are “normal” people, I have to tell you, they are just criminals with license, to rob, kill, raped or whatever they please, I got harassed constantly by this people, i got pull over for no reason, I just got a seat belt ticket,when I WAS WEARING IT !
    off course is his world against mine, so, that’s the world we live in, so my question is: How proof police is harassed me with false accusations? I bet is no answers. (I don’t even want to drive any more)

    • Kurt says:

      Mynor, one bad cop doesn’t mean all cops are bad. I got popped for toll evasion by a state trooper, after I paid the toll and waited for the light to go green. I even showed him that I had a coin try full of change, so I had no reason to blow the toll. He didn’t care and I got the ticket anyway.

      I’m not a big fan of this article, which may be legally correct but almost ensures you’ll get a ticket (and and ass-kicking). I wrote a piece that’s much more likely to help you get out of a ticket – here you go: http://www.ridelust.com/want-to-avoid-a-traffic-ticket-heres-some-advice/

  113. Ed Lover says:

    “Mynor, one bad cop doesn’t mean all cops are bad.”

    Even if bad cops are the minority, the good cops never, ever do anything about the bad ones. That makes the good ones complicit.

    I’ve asked the police for help several times – two robberies and when I was the victim of a hit-and-run – and never gotten any. I’ve also been harassed countless times. I’ve been insulted, pushed, punched, and worse.

    Currently the police are unaccountable to anyone. With the power given to police should come higher standards for behavior.

  114. bert says:

    Just be nice. Being rude isn’t getting you anywhere with them.

    The problem now is that each side views each other as the enemy.


    Cops are no longer cops. They are military minded and trained individuals. Showing videos of how to deal with these people is useless. Cops need to be kept local and trained locally. Cops should not be ex-military servicemen or women. Cops should not perform night raids on people’s homes. Cops should not dress in black ninja style uniforms. Cops should not unholster their weapons unless absolutely necessary.

    Cops should be professional, polite, patient and honorable, even when the ‘civilian’ isn’t. I hate using the word civilian here because police are civilians too but they think they are not. If they act or behave otherwise they should lose thier job.

    When cops stop acting like little soldiers I think people will stop thinking of them as the enemy.

  115. […] Ride Lust: A series of informative videos about how you should deal with police officers if you happen to be pulled over for a traffic violation. […]

  116. fjdalk says:

    This should be titled, “How to guarantee getting a ticket”.

  117. Jennifer says:

    It may be guaranteeing a ticket, but it’s also guaranteeing that that is all you get. A slap on the wrist, a $250 fine, and you’re done. Even if you gave up your rights, you’ll possibly still end up with that ticket. Then you’re just taking a gamble.

    Of course, my mom always gets off by doing the whole, *giggle* “Oops, did I do that, officer?” routine.

    If you have something to hide, though, it’s a good thing to know. Wither it’s because you have something, or you’re protecting one of your friends who have something in possession.

    The state you are in may be fine, but where I am now, in Florida, the cops are God awful. They can be, and will exercise the fact that they can be pricks. Not all of them, bu a lot of them. Every time my step sis was pulled over, she got a ticket. The one that happened just recently he actually did ask if she were in possession of drugs. It does happen. If you’ve seen this, then at least you’ll have an idea on how to protect yourself.

  118. Johnny Wad says:

    Someone commented, “they thought the “driver” acted like a twat, was arguably misleading,and an smart A**. I care to differ. His answers were short,direct,and informative. Cops get angry when they can’t push their weight around. Stay focused. The “drivers” body language was submissive, and NOT dismissive, thus posing no threat.
    My findings are that the Porco Policia, haven’t the balls
    to be aggressive out of uniform,so they have to let their uniform gain for them, the power to fulfill the inadequecies they live the other 16 hours a day. Apart from this.. I hate Cops. ALL COPS. If someone writes that” I’d be the first to call them if I was in trouble” GO FKYORSLVS. It ain’t happening. Every “Shvenia” I’ve ever had the displeasure of talking to, I’m sure was a closet homosexual, a Lesbian or a Transvestite. FKEMALL

  119. […] posted pieces on dealing with traffic stops in the past, ranging from Vito Rispo’s advice on dealing with police (which is legally correct, but guaranteed to jam you up) to my own piece on avoiding a traffic […]

  120. Framed says:

    I was approached by the police (mainly plain clothes) from all angles in my drive way, they came “looking for a specific person” I never heard of this person. the police continued to ask me questions like my name, what is in my pockets…then empty your pockets so I did I pulled out my bank deposit of $500. my car keys, house keys, phone. I put my stuff back in my pockets then they asked for an ID well unfortunately I somehow left it in the house, they asked me to go get it when I did and walked down a small hallway out of sight of any video camera’s they stopped and asked me to empty my polckets again when i did 1 officer slapped my money phone out of my hands, while another officer grabbed me around the neck (elbow in back of spine) 2 more grabbed each arm and 1 officer in the back ground yelling “should i stunn her” mine you I am only 100lbs max, 5’2″ tall doing what they asked by getting my license when they took my stuff! they never said i was under arrest but they took me to the station, to make a long horrific situation put in a nut shell the cops said “that never happened” when I told them my neck was in great pain, I never got my 500. returned to me, i did get my keys and phone back after 2 days, 2 days of being locked out of my house with no car or phone and no money! I had to sleep outside, couldn’t call anyone and in pain.
    I did not give them a hard time to deserve that treatment! they weren’t even looking for me! I was innocent but the cops had there way and got away with it! cuz who r they going to believe ME or the police? the very next week they stole $38 from a passenger when the driver was arrested! THESE CROOKED WORSE THAN MAFIA POLICE NEED TO BE STOPPED!

  121. Isaiah Miramontes says:

    Most of this is utter bullshit. Too many people say cops are always out to arrest anyone. Hello people, they’re COPS. It’s their JOB to do what they’re doing. Being a dick will only make them upset. So is showing off for your friends or looking out for your ego really worth it? I love smoking weed but if I get pulled over for it (again), ill handle it like a man. Not like some punk being an asshole to security telling them to leave.

  122. get any girl says:

    I’ll immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me recognise so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  123. Shell says:

    My ex-step mom’s nephew (we’ll call him “Steve”) who is incredibly vindictive towards my brothers and I (long story, bad family drama) and a complete ass, is a cop and so is his dad. I was at the bar last night, a fight broke out, cops came and my friends left while the cops were still there so I left as well right behind them. During the night Steve’s dad was watching me at the bar; on my way to my friend’s house, which I was right around the corner from, I see a car hauling butt in my rear view mirror and it was “Steve”. He pulled me over, he asked if I was drinking I told him I had a drink earlier and had been dancing, his partner then had me step out and told me if “I was fine then they’d let me go” mind you, I was right around the corner from my destination. First “Steve” completely LIED and said he pulled me over for something that hadn’t even happened, then once I completed the sobriety tests and passed them, I failed the breathalizer then arrested. I’m completely convinced his dad gave him call and let him know I was driving after being at the bar and was pulled over as a result. Since there is such conflict between these people and my family is this considered a conflict of interest? I’ve never been in trouble before and this is my first DUI and because he lied in the first place as to why he pulled me over, that was my biggest clue that it was a set-up. Is there anything I can do to fight this?

  124. seth williams says:

    does a cop have to let you watch him search your car?

  125. BJRT says:

    I was pull over last night on a very dark road and the speed limit was 35 and I was told I was going 62 no way I know for a fact that I was going 40-45 miles per hour. Why do policeman lie about these things? Event occurred on 11/28/2012 at 11 pm

  126. Sherry Scott says:

    If a police officer is not directly behind you and they said they noticed in there rear view mirror or side mirror that a person didn’t make a complete stop are they allowed to turn around and pull you over as we’ll as search your vehicle. Are they allowed to search that person and that person’s vehicle for that reason? Even if the person is on probation or parole

  127. gotmeens says:

    just curious if you get pulled over by mistake by the cop, as in he thought u had bad stickers but when he pulled you over, on his way up to your car he sees they are good…when he gets to the window and you ask what are you stopping me for sir? and he dosent have a reason, and no crime was commited…must i still show ID, reg.. etc??

  128. ldagosta says:

    my son was just pulled over for window tint in the state of PA he knew his rights concerning window tint and although when he is rattled his voice shows it, he was totally respectful to the officer who was avoiding answer his concerns about the stop. he asked the officer why he was being pulled over, the LEO didnt want to inform him, just asked for the papers for the vehicle. he called me to ask if it was legal, I wasnt sure but told him where the papers were located and placed the phone on the seat in plain view so the LEO knew he was being recorded. he then asked 5 times if the Leo could see him inside the car with the window up the answer is “Yes I can”. I heard my son tell him “you are violating the law by writing that ticket!” Leo responded ” you will have to fight that in court” I heard it clearly.
    we are now going to present the law to the magistrate and see where this goes. he also got a ticket for registration expired(2 weeks)since i am the only one who usually drives the car and I only go out once a month next month is inspection and it would have been taken care of by then but anyway the one stop which was illegal lead to 2 tickets. the Leo had his hand on his holster the entire time he was stopped and in front of my son.
    I am insisting my sons watch these videos as they tend to be either too passive and polite or too insistent that they are not breaking the law. which I know as a certified (retired) paralegal that even if you are within your rights there are so many ways that LE can impose more fines and violations so that one or all of them may stick.