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Project Kahn Tunes The Mercedes-Benz smart ForTwo

Posted in Car Accessories, Car Photography, Cars, Custom, Design, Mercedes Benz, Micro Cars, Newsworthy, Smart by Suzanne Denbow | January 6th, 2009 | 1 Response |

Essentially defeating the cost-efficient guise behind which the smart ForTwo hides, designer Afzal Kahn and his luxury automotive tuning house, Project Kahn, have created the Project Kahn upgrade package for the smart ForTwo. Exterior components of Kahn’s smart ForTwo are mercifully absent of any chrome accessories, and feature instead a rather tastefully understated piano black fascia trim, Pentagon privacy glass, Project Kahn-exclusive alloy wheels, and matching “Project Kahn” embossed valve caps. Preserving an air of elite mystery, Kahn offers only a vague explanation of the internal and technical modifications, describing the respective upgrades as merely “Project Kahn Interior Package” and “Project Kahn Lowering Suspension.”

Truth be told, the noticeable absence of a spec sheet doesn’t exactly break our hearts inasmuch we seriously doubt anything short of a nuclear-powered ramjet engine could boost the smart ForTwo’s performance output to any respectable number. We are, however, simply blown away by the opulent accessories included in the Project Kahn smart ForTwo package. More specifically, we’re lusting after the official Project Kahn smart ForTwo customized Kahn Lightweight Golfing Umbrella with Carbon Fibre Shaft. Nothing says you’ve “arrived” quite like a carbon fiber golf umbrella and matching key ring.

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Source: Project Khan

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  1. james monday says:

    Nice car, but it cost too much. 36 miles per gal. is nothing to brag about for a small car. It is the smame old thing, new jack up the price, after all they are hot sellers… Small cars cost less to build, after all the take a lot less material. I can buy a bigger car carry more people for less money, & get get as good if not better gas mileage.. No, all you are going to do is make people mad & when you lower the price they wont buy it..