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The Prius of Dr. Moreau

Posted in Baja, Bizarre, Cars, Custom, Hybrid, Subaru, Toyota by Leigh | September 12th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I have on good word from Mr. Edward Prendick, himself, that Doctor Moreau had not perished on his terrible island, as legend dictates.  Evidence of his survival has surfaced of late, through daguerreotypes of a ghastly creation that one can only dare to attribute to that horrifically disturbed mind.  I confess, my hands tremble as I provide the images below.  I advise that children and the feeble avert their eyes!

The horror!

Verily, the creature appears to be the product of an unholy mating of a Toyota Prius and a Subaru Baja.  I fear that I grow mad at every glance I steal of its inimitable visage…  Lest you begin to doubt me and thus, the existence of this frightening monster, I suggest you visit autobeyours for confirmation and for further research.  But do not delve too deep or, like this beast, your sanity will grow fearsomely distorted …

Source: CarDomain

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