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Powerblock Projects Rock

Posted in car modifications, DIY, Television by J D Stadler | March 14th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Image: Powerblock TV

Every weekend, I can guarantee you my husband will be watching the entire Powerblock TV lineup on Spike.  In between my domestic engineer duties (read: housework), I try and catch the episodes as well.  I absolutely love seeing them take what is usually a hunk of junk and turn it into something really special.  If we had the means and the space, we’d each have a pet project car.  Alas, we have neither but at least Powerblock allows us to live vicariously.

Image: Powerblock TV

My favorite shows are Horsepower and Muscle Car; I think if I ever took on a build, it would be something older and definitely, something faster.  On the flip side, hubby prefers Trucks! and Xtreme 4×4 but since we live in Florida (land of zero elevation), there’s not much opportunity for rock crawling ’round here.

The best thing, in my opinion, about these shows is that they take you through a project over several episodes so they can concentrate on one section at a time.  I also appreciate that they often do “budget builds” for those of us whose bankrolls are short a few zeroes.  Lastly, these shows seem more “authentic”, if you will – you can tell the hosts actually care about the projects and they give you data to back up the claims.  For example, if they install a supercharger, they’re gonna take it to the dyno and give you some raw data to justify the mods.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them do something just for show; every modification or build adjustment has a reason for being.

Image: Powerblock TV (Yay, Jessie! I miss her)

I’m not sure I’d attempt my own paint job with Dupli-color (though we all know Kurt would love to take a can of Krylon to the Volt).  However, I would be damn proud to find a poor, neglected old Mustang and work to bring it back to life, one weekend at a time.  I know many of you have current and past projects: tell me what you’re working on so I can live vicariously through you too!

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