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Possible seven passenger MINI? So much for being itty bitty.

Posted in Commuter Cars, Compact Cars, Concept Cars, Cooper, Mini, Newsworthy, Pop Culture, Popular Cars by MrAngry | June 9th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Car companies as a whole are known for producing a certain kind of vehicle to fit the specific need of the consumer. Porsche and Ferrari for example are known for building high end exotic sports cars. Jeep builds vehicles that go anyplace and everyplace a billy goat can go and MINI… they build cars that are small, feisty and fun to drive… or do they? Last year MINI released a bigger MINI called the Clubman. It had 3 doors and more room but still stayed true to MINI’s philosophy of smaller is better. Fast forward one year to the release of the MINI Countryman, a bigger more brawny MINI that now has a full four doors and off-road capabilities.

2010 MINI Cooper Clubman

Now in 2010 we’re learning that MINI wants to release a big brother to the Countryman that will seat seven. Ok… hang on a minute because unless we’re talking about a clown car here MINI is rolling in the complete opposite direction of what the company stands for. I understand the rationale about expanding the brand, but when you go against the very premise that the company was founded on bad things start to happen.

2011 MINI Cooper Countryman

MINI is a company who has carved out a certain niche for itself by building small economical cars that are fun to drive, look great with an upscale feel to them. If they run away from that philosophy I fear that they may become just another car company, something that in my opinion would be the kiss of death for them. MINI, if you’re listening, just stay the course and do what you do best and leave the big family movers to the other guys…

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