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Single Mother Joy Sartin Claims Traffic Ticket A Result Of Officer’s Bias Against Her Profession

Posted in Newsworthy, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | October 1st, 2008 | 4 Responses |

In Portland, Oregon, 25-year-old single mother and lingerie model, Joy Sartin, was found guilty recently of attempting to bribe an officer out of issuing her a traffic citation. According to reports, Officer Cody Berne initiated a traffic stop on Sartin shortly after Sartin had exited the parking lot at her place of employment Xotic Tan. Sartin, who had been modeling lingerie for men at Xotic Tan that night, insists that when she offered the Ofc.Berne $270 that she had pulled from her bra, she was merely attempting to pay the ticket on the spot. Not having just fallen off the turnip truck coming into town, Ofc. Berne testified in court that when Sartin offered him the money, he specifically asked her if she was requesting to pay the ticket now, or if she was trying to pay to get out of it. Quoted Ofc. Berne, “She said, ‘I will just pay you, and you tear up the ticket.'”

Incredulous of the insinuation, Sartin believes that the officer’s bias against women in her line of work lead him to immediately and incorrectly assume she was attempting to solicit a favor. In court, Sartin vehemently argued that she wasn’t attempting to bribe the officer by any means, and was in fact just looking to expedite the process, anxious to get home to her 4-year-old child. “For someone to [attempt to bribe an officer], they’d have to be out of their mind,” Sartin reasoned, “and I’m not out of my mind. I’m smart and intelligent, and I wouldn’t do something like that.”

A Multnomah County jury believed otherwise, however, and decided in an 11-1 vote that Sartin was indeed guilty of attempted bribe-giving as well as the infraction which she was originally cited for: driving with a suspended license. Scheduled to be appear for sentencing in December, with her most recent conviction coupled with several priors for drug possession, Sartin could possibly be sentenced to serve up to two years in prison.

[News Source: OregonLive.com]

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    “I’m smart and intelligent”

    If that why she spreads her legs for a living??

    Lingere model?So thats what their calling Strippers now?

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  3. Let;s hope the sentencing judge can see that sending the mother of a four year old child to prison for two years serves the child, and even the community, poorly. Maybe some form of community service could be substituted; such as working with those social service agencies that serve the homeless, or those that serve street alcoholics or drug addicts.

    Not to excuse what she is alleged to have done, but a friend of mine from Mexico tells me that in Mexico City paying the police officer, on the spot, to get out of ticket, is par for the course.