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Porsche to open UK customer driving experience.

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Porsche Cars UK, have been given planning permission to develop a piece of land next to the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in Northamptonshire.


The centre will be open to customers of the sports car company who wish to gain performance driving experience from instructors on how to handle a high performance car and to cover the safety aspects of driving such an expensive car in many varying conditions. Drivers will also be given help and advice on fitness, stamina and reaction, all qualities needed to be able to drive an high performance car to the max, without the fear of accidents etc.

According to Porsche Cars UK, the centre will cover an area of just over 10 hectares and will be situated just outside of the area known as Becket’s Corner on the race circuit. Building work is set to begin sometime in the summer of this year and is expected to be fully operational by the same time in 2008!


The plans are to build a spectacular complex of buildings, which will include restaurants, fitness centre and of course the training facilities. The top floor of the main building will have panoramic views of the training centres circuit and of course the Grand Prix circuit itself.

The test track will offer the drivers an experience of driving in varying conditions, and can be split into four separate driving areas, depending on what training is taking place at the time or for a longer and more intense driving experience the circuit can be opened up into a 3.1 km track.


Andy Goss, Managing Director, Porsche Cars Great Britain commented: �The facility at Silverstone is a major investment for Porsche GB and it will allow us to create a unique experience for customers that cannot be bettered in the UK market. It makes perfect sense for us to combine our driving experience activity into one venue and this location is perfect with over 70% of our UK customers being within a two hour drive of the Silverstone area.�

This is not a totally new innovation, because Porsche Cars UK, have been giving expert driving tuition to over 7,500 of its customers over the past seven years, but the concept of having a purpose built centre is totally new and will give the new car owners and experience to remember.

Source [Car Pages]

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