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Porsche To Launch Affordable Sports Car

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VW BlueSport Concept

The VW BlueSport Concept will be offered by Porsche as well.

Remember the Porsche 914? How about the Porsche 924? Both were collaborations between Porsche and Volkswagen, and both were penned as a way of brining an affordable sports car to the masses. Volkswagen bailed on the 924 project because of a global economic downturn, but Porsche’s efforts to develop the 924 ultimately resulted in one of their most successful vehicles, the 944. Autoevolution reports that Porsche is going down that road again, and will build a variant of the Volkswagen BlueSport concept car to slot in below the Porsche Boxster.

The BlueSport Concept, shown by Volkswagen at the Detroit Auto Show in 2009, was a mid-engined roadster designed to be both environmentally conscious and fun to drive. With a projected weight of just 2,640 pounds, the 2.0 liter TDI motor got the car to sixty miles per hour in just 6.2 seconds, while returning approximately 42 miles per gallon of diesel. The BlueSport Concept also featured stop / start technology and regenerative braking, both of which contributed to the car’s projected fuel economy.

It’s not clear if Porsche will stay the course with a diesel powerplant; in fact, it’s rather unlikely. Whatever motor they ultimately choose, the car will give them a much needed entry level vehicle while making a huge impact on their corporate average fuel economy. If the car is successful for Porsche, it could potentially eliminate the need for Porsche to hybridize their 911 models.

Consumers will have their choice of badges, as it looks like Volkswagen and Audi will also offer a variant of the BlueSport roadster. Expect the VW version to be the most economical, with the Audi being the most luxurious and the Porsche being the fastest. Porsche’s product roadmap shows the launch of this model in 2013, but there’s no word on when the VW or Audi versions will hit the streets just yet.

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