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Porsche set to raise prices

Posted in Cars, General, Porsche by davidallen | May 17th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

If you are thinking of buying a brand new Porsche then you need to hurry up and get down to the dealership, because as from 1st August 2007, the price of a new Porsche is set to rise.


An increase of between 1.4% and 5% will be added across the whole range, but what’s 1.4%? Well when you are spending thousands of dollars it does actually all add up, especially when you have to put on the taxes and other charges too.

The details of the price increases will affect the Boxter S which is going up by a massive 5%, the Caymen S Porsche’s sports utility vehicle will cost 4% more, although the base model will remain the same, you pay your money and take your choice with that one! The legendary Porsche 911 models which include the Carrerra, GT3, GT3 RS will see a price rise of just 1.5%, but those wishing to cruise around in a 911 convertible will only see a rise of mere 1.4%, perhaps that because they save on not having a roof!! But if your are looking for the fantastic 911 Turbo then should be delay your purchase from today to the 1st August then that would cost you around $5,700 extra, that’s with just an increase of only 2.3%.


There is no mention as to want has brought on these price increases, but it is safe to say that the people who can afford to go out and buy a brand new Porsche in the first place, may not be put off by the increases at all.

Source [Auto Blog]

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