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Porsche Rumors Abound: Compact Car, Small SUV

Posted in Car Tech, Concept Cars, Design, Fast Cars, Porsche by will bee | August 13th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Porsche_logo_BSo the rumor has it that Porsche is considering a small car to compete against the GTI segment of the market and a small SUV to battle against the BMW X3 segment. Will those vehicles actually be developed and where the Porsche logo? Well who would have thought that Porsche would build a 4-door sedan and yet the Panamera is nearly complete.

There is very little information available concerning what will come in these latest Porsche concoctions. The only figure provided so far is that the compact car will be propelled by a 295-hp motor. What motor will use and the rest of the stats to go with it are still a mystery.

The SUV is a complete mystery but the odds could be that they will follow suit with Volvo and BMW and create a smaller and similar version of the successful Cayanne SUV. Yet all of these new out-reach vehicles will be following and maybe have their futures linked to the success or failure of the Panamera. If the new sedan is a flop it might be questionable as to whether Porsche will charge forward with the next two, new segment vehicles.

It would be unfair to judge Porsche on what they have not built yet (kinda). The Cayanne faced much criticism when it was being designed and still ruffles the feathers of some Porsche purists. Never the less the Cayanne has been pretty successful for the German auto maker, so a follow up would be reasonable. Whatever Porsche does decide to design and build you can be guaranteed that it will receive plenty of coverage.


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