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Porsche Release Teaser Photo Of Phallic-Shaped 2010 Porsche Panamera, We Would Like A Pat On The Back For Avoiding Any Obvious Innuendos

Posted in General by Suzanne Denbow | September 15th, 2008 | 1 Response |

According to TheTorqueReport, Porsche has just released official teaser shots of their impending super sedan, the new Porsche Panamera. Also making its debut, the Porsche Panamera online magazine, for the budding Panamera enthusiast.

Teaser Photo After Jump

Ordinarily, this is the point where we’d usually lampoon [giggle] Porsche for failing to identify the complete caricature of themselves they’ve created with the Porsche Panamera. However, the teaser shot blatantly conceals the rear view from us, and we suspect that Porsche might have identified the obvious design flaw and is working to correct it. Or, they just really didn’t feel like putting up with the high school gym locker room humor, and kept the bashful Panamera out of site. Either way, we’re on our best behavior, reserving judgement until we get a chance to evaluate the Panamera where it really matters: on the road.

Press Release:
Panamera Gran Turismo Makes its First Appearance

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is rolling the new Panamera Gran Turismo into the public limelight for the first time. Starting on 15 September, the Panamera Online Magazine is offering a wide range of information all about the latest member of the Porsche family at www.porsche.com/panamera – including videos of disguised prototypes on test drives. This is accompanied at the same time by an elaborate mailing campaign directly addressing potential customers.

The next highlight starting on 20 October is an advertising campaign with double-page ads in leading news and business magazines, again offering a sneak preview of Porsche’s latest model. Indeed, even this limited view of the dynamic front end clearly proves that the four-door Panamera is a genuine Porsche all the way, the Panamera naturally benefiting from Porsche’s 60 years of sports car know-how in Zuffenhausen and the driving dynamics so typical of the brand. Precisely this know-how and driving dynamics are combined in the Panamera with superior driving comfort and the Panamera’s very special space concept for four adults, making the new Panamera the ideal family-friendly Gran Turismo without the slightest compromise.

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One Response

  1. We’re talking about Porsche. They’d feign being shocked that anyone could even think that a design sketch could be misinterpreted as being vaguely reminiscent of the what cartoonist Lynda Barry used to call the “man thang.” But ultimately, if it sold more cars, they’d live with it.

    Hey, one has to question any company that could go from making the delightful 356C, then the trendsetting 911 and continue it through the 993 (the last real 911 methinks) and finally, end up with the answer to a question none of us asked, that being: How fast can an SUV accelerate from zero to 60 and still be a SUV?

    In closing, here’s a pat on the back, Suzanne for avoidng the innuendo. Of course, as radio host “Professor” Tom Leykis might ask, “Are you sure you don’t want that pat somewhere else?”

    Keep up the good work.