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Porsche Pon Edition 911 4S To Be Netherlands-Exclusive

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Established in 1949, Netherlands-based Pon Porsche Imports became the first dealer to import the rear-engined Nazi car from its homeland in Germany. This year, Pon Porsche Imports will celebrate its 60th birthday, and in honor of the substantial success Pon Porsche Imports contributed to the German automaker, Porsche will be releasing the limited edition Pon 911 4S in both Coupe and Convertible models. Created exclusively for the Dutch market, the Porsche Pon Edition 911 4S will be officially debut in April at the AutoRAI 2009 auto show in Amsterdam. In keeping with tradition, all Porsche Pon Edition 911 4S models will feature an authentic replica of Porsche’s 1949 badge and will only be offered with a diamond-black on black exterior/interior combination. To ensure the Porsche Pon Edition 911 4S is treated with the significance which it deserves, only 15 models of the coupe and cabriolet version will be produced, priced at €172,911 and €188,261, respectively.

…and now that we’ve finished reporting that bit of news with an acceptable amount of professionalism, we’d like to include that despite our best efforts (alright, half-assed efforts) to do so otherwise, every time we read the name “Pon” we immediately think “Poontang” and subsequently dissolve into a fit of giggles.

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