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Porsche Owners Save Car From Flood

Posted in European Rides, General, Newsworthy, Porsche, Rides by MrAngry | May 15th, 2011 | 1 Response |

The Southern portion of the United States has recently been getting ravaged by tornado’s, rain and mass flooding. States like Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky have been getting pounded with property damage and loss thought to be over 1.5 billion dollars. It’s a tragedy no doubt, but there was at least one car enthusiast out there who refused to let Mother Nature toss him a beating. This photo was taken down by Louisville, Kentucky and shows how the owner of this yellow Porsche 962 Cabriolet did a little outside the box thinking to save his car. Taking what looks to be a an inflatable industrial airbag, the owner placed it under their beloved Porsche, inflated it, and then tethered it to their severely flooded home, thus saving the car from sure destruction. I don’t know if there is a “Car Guy of the Year” award, but if there is then this guy really needs to be nominated.

Source: Ca.Gizmodo.com

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One Response

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Outstanding, although I don’t know why he didn’t just drive it to higher ground…