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Porsche Owner’s Guide To Avoiding Prison

Posted in Newsworthy, Porsche by Suzanne Denbow | July 18th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

A few words of advice: when pulled over for speeding in your Porsche, try not to be a prick about it. In Melbourne, Australia, a man driving a Porsche was stopped by police officers after he was caught doing 150 kmh in a 64 kmh zone. After going through the obligatory “Do-you-have-any-idea-why-I-stopped-you-today-son?” rigamarole, the Porsche driver proceeded to hypothetically question the officer. According to the newspaper article, the driver reportedly asked the officer if he [the officer] would have been prepared to pursue him had the driver decided to flee, reminding him, “I can get this thing up to 205.”

Fair or not, as a Porsche owner you are burdened with the responsibility of constantly having to defy the Douchebag Assumption – a task made all the more difficult if you actually are a douchebag. 

So if you’re pulled over, it’s best to avoid engaging in a pissing contest with the officer. Unless of course doing a bid for 5-to-10 sounds enticing, in which case; tune in next week for Lesson 2: “How To Get The Desirable Upper-Bunk.”

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