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Porsche 997 GT3 RS Ring Taxi?

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Sabine Schmitz GT3 RS Ring Taxi

Everyone here knows that Sabine Schmitz, driver of the famed Nurburgring BMW M5 Ring Taxi is one of the hottest car chicks ever. She’s got girl next door looks and a right foot that makes performance cars do all sorts of freaky shit. However with BMW pulling the plug on her beloved M5 due to rising liability and maintenance costs, it was rumored that our bubbly blond uber woman was going to soon be out of a job. However, thanks to Team Frikadelli Racing, tourists all over the world can still revel in speed, as Sabine will now be able to hurdle riders into oblivion in a new Porsche 997 GT3 RS aptly renamed, “Race Taxi”. I’ve got some seat time in a 997 GT3 RS and I can tell you that it makes a BMW M5 look like a 600 lb belly dancer with a gut full of chocolate donuts. Keep in mind that the price for riding side saddle next to the Queen of the Ring ain’t cheap at $730.00, but quite frankly… who cares? This would be a dream ride and if I had the scratch (and lived in Germany) I’d plunk down my moola’ in a heartbeat.

Source: Speedbee.de

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