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Porsche 911 PDK vs. Lotus Evora IPS

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Porsche 911 PDK VS Lotus Evora IPS

It used to be that if you were a sports car enthusiast that you lived and breathed manual transmissions. Nowadays though, manual shifted automatics like Porsche’s stellar PDK system have started to sway even the most die-hard drivers. These system shift faster and are more efficient then any manual transmission could ever hope to be. They allow you to keep both hands on the wheel, and on the race track there is no question that they’re the way to go. However what about driver involvement? Do they keep you as engaged as a pilot, or are they pulling some of the enjoyment out of driving. Road and Track recently pitted a Porsche 911 PDK and a Lotus Evora IPS in a head-to-head battle to answer this very question.

Source: RoadandTrack.com

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