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Porsche 911 – Flying the Eau Rouge Sideways

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Classic  Porsche 911

Not long ago I had the chance to get behind the wheel of an older Porsche 911. It was an all original 39,000 mile 1989 930 Turbo and it was, in a word, glorious. Porsche’s of this vintage, the 930 Turbo especially, were right on the cusp of melding modern technology with performance. In some regards it was still sketchy as hell to drive, as this was the car that defined the phrase “lift throttle oversteer”. Yet in other ways, it made you connect on a level with the road that you’d never think possible. The more I drove it, the more comfortable I became. I also realized that in order to drive this car fast, you needed skill, confidence and the desire to better yourself as a driver.

I recently came upon “Flying the Eau Rouge Sideways – On the Limit”, and was so mesmerized that I had to post it. Watch the video and take notice of how quickly the drivers feet are moving between the pedals. Watch his wheel work and shifting technique and understand that in order to drive a car like this, you must truly be one with it. The amount of work it takes to drive this car at the limit is not only astonishing to watch, but it’s inspirational. It also makes me want to run out and purchase a classic 911. Hit play and enjoy

Source: Youtube.com

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