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Pontiac G8 Commercial brings BMW 5-Series Face-Off into the Open

Posted in BMW, Design, GM, Pontiac by will bee | April 11th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

pontiacg8vsBMW550i.jpg picture by willfusion

In an article just the other day we briefly discussed Pontiac’s wish to challenge BMW’s grip as what some believe to be the top sedan builder on the market. Well now they are making the fight personal with their latest commercial: Pontiac G8 GT vs BMW 550i. The first mention of such a comparison came in an Automobile Magazine article that pitted the cars against one another and actually reported favorably on the Pontiac G8 GT.

Both brands have been around long enough for drivers to build up a personal reflex to the mere image of the two auto makers grill. One instills a sense of breeding and sophistication, along with a sense for many of “I can’t afford that.” The other references to a long gone age of Excitement and a recent age of plastic interiors and average looks, or more poignantly a sense of “I’m not buying that!”

Pontiac’s new G8 GT, based off the Holden Commodore and rousing 361-hp, is GM’s attempt at a return of some of that Excitement and a reaching out for a new sense of class in cockpit styling. While it is going to take a lot of years to reverse the conditioned response of many car buyers to the Pontiac grill, the G8 GT is at least making an aggressive stab at it.

But do not rely solely on our estimation here… Check out the Pontiac commercial to follow the leap and see if they can convince you. If nothing else, enjoy the laugh as American advertisers are still able to achieve what American auto designers struggle at: Catching our Attention.



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