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Pontiac could launch Australian based Ute and Sportwagon in US

Posted in Design, GM, Holden, Pontiac by will bee | November 19th, 2007 | 1 Response |

According to the Automotive News and a few sources from GM the odds look good that Pontiac could be the recipient of a new Ute and Sportswagon to model along their G8. GM’s Australian company Holden received some positive attention from their release of the VE Commodore Ute; especially when they included their 362-hp V8 engine in its SS package. Pontiac will hope to make the same splash with their version of the Ute in the US.

Consideration was made about making both models GMC cars, but it was decided that the VE Commodore Ute and the Sportwagon concept would compliment the Pontiac lineup best. It was reported that both models will closely resemble their Holden designs, and that would seem to be a wise choice by GM. Although some might speculate that Pontiac will replace the grills of the two cars to better blend with their G-theme.

At this point the greatest stumbling block to the whole deal would be a devalued dollar. If the US dollar continues to fall then GM would be forced to elevate the list price of its Australian Ute and Sportwagon above that of the G8. A dropping dollar may price the Pontiac Ute and Sportwagon right out of its market niche here in the US. However, if they do make it to the states it could drum up some real excitment in the Pontiac brand.


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One Response

  1. wayne milne says:

    bring on the ute to us market, i’m currently driving a ’86 & ’87 el camino'(s)., sure would like to have a new one!!!