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Ponies a’Plenty: Which new Ford Mustang is right for you?

Posted in Cars, Design, Fast Cars, Ford, Mustang by will bee | August 9th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

So you have finally decided to head on out and get that new Ford Mustang you have always wanted? Or maybe you have an slightly older Mustang and you want to upgrade? Ofcourse it is quite possible you are a Pony Collector and you just want to add some young blood to your stable. Whatever your reason deciding that you want to purchase a new Mustang is only the first step in getting one. The next phase is in deciding which variation of the new Mustang do you want to buy?


The Mustang is the only Pony car still on the new car market today (although it is soon to be rejoined by the new Camaro). While the Mustang has been a steady seller for years the most recent, retro redesign of the classic by J.Mays has been one of the most successful designs.
The other nice aspect of the Mustang phenomenon is that the classic design leaves itself open to others re-interpretation. There are a number of car builders and designers that are all making their own mark on this iconic automobile. So to aid you in your shopping I have compiled a small list of most of the various models you are likely to find available in 2007 and 2008. (For some models there is a link so that you can gather deeper information for the ones that interest you most.)

– V6 Deluxe /Convt
– V6 Premium / Convt
– GT Deluxe / Convt
– GT Premium / Convt
– California Special / Convt
– Shelby GT
– Shelby GT-H (Hertz) / Convt
– Shelby GT500 / Convt
Shelby GT500-FR 
Shelby GT500 Venum 650R
- Shelby GT500 “Super Snake”
Shelby GT520
- Roush Stage 1,2,3 / Convt
Roush Black Jack edition
Roush 427R
– Saleen S281, S302
Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition
Saleen 550
Steeda Club Racer
- Foose Stallion
Saleen Twin Turbo
Big 3 Performance 650 HP
- Bullitt (2008)
Shelby GT500KR (2008)
Warriors in Pink (2008)

If you do not see your fantasy Mustang on that list you have another option and that is to build it yourself. With the number of aftermarket parts and accessories available to Mustang owners you can take a simple GT and build the car that suits your tastes. However, if modifying cars is not your thing you can always sit back and wait for the next round of production or limitied run specialty Ponies to be announced.
…at the rate they are popping up that could be any minute now.

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