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Police Pursuit, Now With 10% More Wacky!

Posted in Bizarre, Funny Videos by Kurt Ernst | March 12th, 2010 | 1 Response |

I’m generally not a big fan of police pursuit videos, because I’ve seen about a million of them. Something about this one stands out. Maybe it’s the driver, who actually stops at one point to yell at police. I’m reasonably sure she’s insane, or tripping her face off. Or insane and tripping her face off.

Maybe it’s the car, because I sure as hell wouldn’t try to outrun anything in a Scion Xb. The driver does a fair job of it, though. Who knew a Scion Xb was so nimble?

Or it could just be that it’s Friday, and I was looking for any excuse to put off redesigning the cover sheet for my TPS report. The weekend’s here in a few hours, so enjoy the vid.

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One Response

  1. kitz says:

    LOL, thank for sharing.