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Pogea Racing’s 268 HP 2010 Fiat 500. It’s a Quick Little Bugger.

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2010 Fiat 500

People, this may just be the ultimate pocket rocket. In stock form the 2010 Fiat 500 doesn’t offer to much in the way of performance, in fact, with its 99 hp 4-cylinder some would say that it’s downright slow. For this reason and this reason alone the little Fiat 500 is causing some companies to thing outside the box. Take Pogea Racing for example, they’ve come up with a tuning package that has managed to get up to 268 hp out of this little bugger. The standard package will be sold exclusively for the Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers Edition and will set the power at a respectable 165 hp. Not too bad, but 268 hp sounds better to me.

2010 Fiat 500

Achieving that power was no easy task though as Pogea Racing had to replace the exhaust system, intake, cooling system and fuel injection. They’ve also lightened the car substantially by utilizing some carbon fiber goodies, a new brake system and a different suspension.

2010 Fiat 500

We here in the States have yet to see the Fiat 500 in person, but we’re hoping that when these little guys do hit our shores that we’re treated to the same hot rod models that they get on the other side of the pond.

Source: TopSpeed.com

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