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Plug-In Hybrid HUMMER H3 Debuts At 2009 SAE World Congress

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Energy R&D company, Raser Technologies Inc., has introduced the perfect solution to the HUMMER enthusiast’s guilty conscious with the introduction of the plug-in hybrid electric HUMMER H3 and HUMMER H3T. Co-developed by Michigan-based FEV Inc., the plug-in hybrid HUMMER’s were unveiled to the public yesterday at the 2009 SAE International World Congress in Detroit. Utilizing an E-REV powertrain similar to that which underpins the Chevy Volt, Raser’s HUMMERs are powered by Raser’s 200kW advanced AC induction motor and a 100KW electric generator and boasts a single-charge range of 400 miles. Fuel efficiency estimates vary according to how far the rig is driven each day, but given that the first 40 miles of the truck’s trek are powered completely by electricity, drivers averaging under 40 miles a day/a charge could conceivably eliminate the need for gasoline entirely. For drivers who average 50 miles a day, the fuel consumption average stands at 165 mpg; 65 miles a day, 100 mpg; and 200+ miles a day, 33 mpg (which is still double the standard HUMMER H3’s EPA rating).

“Our goal was to demonstrate that electric vehicle technology is a viable solution for a variety of vehicle platforms,” said Gary Rogers, president and chief executive officer of FEV. “This full-sized SUV extended-range electric vehicle shows that fuel economy in larger vehicles does not mean sacrificing power and utility.”

Source: Raser Technologies via GeeksAreSexy

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  1. vikky says:

    wow now a hybrid hummer … now that sounds like real exciting. that is what u call fun. the beast with a touch of technology. i hope it gives excellent results.