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Plug-in Hybrid 2011 Chevrolet Orlando Being Investigated

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Word out of Detroit is that GM is looking to spread Volt-developed technology to other vehicles in their lineup. A smart move in light of the fact that they have dropped significant funds into the plug-in hybrid system. So what vehicle will benefit from this decision? A sporty two-door coupe or convertible? Perhaps one of their numerous thirsty trucks or SUVs. Nope. Their newest minvan.


Considering the flip-flopping that marketing exec Robert Lutz did with the Pontiac G8/Chevrolet Caprice, news that the Orlando may get this technology should be weighed accordingly. But the Orlando, which shares the Volts platform, purported also shares many other parts as the Volt, making it more adaptable transplantation choice of the Volt’s hybrid components.


They may call it the “Orlando MPV,” but make no mistake about what crowd this vehicle is aimed. If it is similar to the concept previously unveiled, the Orlando will seat seven-passengers and possibly slotted into the position currently held by the Chevrolet HHR.


The price of developing the Volt has been reported as in the $1 billion range, all without the expectation that it can or will ultimately “save” ailing GM on its own. In fact, GM is prepared to lose money on every Volt it sells, making development of other vehicles an economic necessity.

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  1. Bearadise says:

    The Orlando? Obama hasn’t told them to rename it the Chicago yet?