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Playboy Magazine’s 2011 Cars of Year in January Issue.

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Playboy Magazine 2011 Cars of Year

I have yet to meet anyone that hasn’t used the line, “No really… I get Playboy Magazine for the articles.” Sure you do, and the fact that they’ve got a bunch of buck-naked women in there is just a bonus right? Come on guys, just man-up and say you get it for the boobs, I mean that’s the real reason correct? Anyway, you might be surprised to know that Playboy Magazine does actually have some of the best articles out there written by some top people. They cover everything from what’s happening in pop-culture, to the auto industry and I must say, they do it very well. Take their January 2011 issue for example, their first issue of the new year. Neatly tucked away between the boobs and beavers, Playboy has managed to give us a listing of their favorite cars for the upcoming 2011 model year. Cars like Cadillac’s super CTS-V Coupe, the Porsche Boxster Spyder and even the little Mazda2 have all made the cut. Now I’m not going to give you the rest of their list as you’re more than capable of finding it out for yourselves. To do so, just click on the link below and enjoy. Just remember to keep your eyes where they belong…

Source: Playboy.com

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