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Plants Growing Green

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To the many out there who may not have a Green Thump but do have a Green Conscience there resides a glimmer of hope in the automotive manufacturing process where Green is Growing. There are companies like Ford and Nissan that are making strides in cleaning up the processes by which and the locations in which they work. They may not be at the point of zero impact (is that really a viable notion?) but they do have their sights set on Greener pastures.


FORD DAGENHAM PLANT DIESEL LONDONFord has been hard at work in utilizing cleaner resources than have traditionally been associated with manufacturing. Those cleaner resources extend from solar power at their Dearborn plant, to passive cooling and natural grass roof tops at their Rouge plant. And now their latest plant to receive Green recognition is the Ford Dagenham’s plant East of London. The Dagenham plant is the home of the new European diesel engines and they have gone beyond the cosmetics of Green in their production. The oils used in production at the plant are Bio-based as opposed to mineral, metal wastes are cleaned and sold for recycling and the Dagenham plant is the first Ford plant to be wind-powered.
nissanNissan is taking steps in reducing its carbon emissions in Spain with the installation of solar panels on a couple of its manufacturing plants. The Barcelona plant will be sporting 606 solar panels across its surface. Electricity will come from the majority of those panels, while the remaining will be thermal panels used to heat water. Nissan will also be placing solar panels on their Avila, Spain plant in the coming year.

Going Green is going Global as these manufacturers are demonstrative evidence. 


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