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Pirelli creates new tire development team for motorsports.

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Pirelli F1 Tires

When you produce tires for motorsport events like the World Rally Championship, Superbike World Championship, British Superbike Championship, British Rally Championship and Formula 1 then you’d better know your stuff. That is why Pirelli, a leader in tire development for motorsports has just created their own “Formula One Team” that will be dedicated to producing the best rubber possible for high end motorsports.

In a recent press release Pirelli stated:

“The Pirelli Formula One team will be an international group of people based in Milan, the home of Pirelli Tire’s research and development department. This division has traditionally been at the heart of Pirelli’s cutting?edge technology and is formed of 1000 research engineers, working in five development centers located all over the world. Pirelli Tire allocates each year between 3 and 4% of its revenues, the highest level in the tire industry worldwide, to research. Motorsport activities have benefited for many years from the innovations introduced to high?performance tires by Pirelli’s Research and Development.”

You can read the full press release by clicking here.

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