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Philly Prepares For World Series Parade, Encourages Use Of Public Transit

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In celebration of the Philadelphia Phillies’ World Series victory Wednesday night, the city of brotherly love will be hosting a parade through Center City. A flatbed truck carrying the hero’s themselves will snake through Philly at noon today, and the parade route will stretch from 20th and Market Streets, around City Hall, and down Broad Street before finally ending with an hour-long celebration at Citizens Bank Park. In anticipation of the astronomically large concentration of fans that will attend the parade as well as the impending chaos bound to be cause by the fact that many liquor stores have chosen to remain open for business, city officials have encouraged people to abandon their personal vehicles in favor of transportation. As a result, SEPTA will most likely be stretched to maximum capacity, and many mass transit workers are currently polishing their personal firearms as we speak.

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Ultimately, more than a million people are expected to be in attendance, and several local businesses have donated millions of dollars to the city in order to help fund police overtime and city cleanup, and Mayor Michael Nutter has warned that the behaviour exhibited Wednesday night will not be tolerated again. In a statement released yesterday, Nutter assured Philadelphians that police will be taking a “very aggressive” approach to riot prevention. “Take your patience pill,” Nutter cautioned. “You can be joyous, but you can’t be a jackass.”

You stay classy, Philadelphia.

Source: Philly.com

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