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Philips Head Protection System: Lazer SuperSkin is lubricated for my protection

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a big fan of not dying in violent accidents. So I’m very keen on any kind of new techno-gadgetry that can keep my soft organic bits intact in the unfortunate event of a high speed impact. Things like air-bag jackets, and high end helmets are very useful for my particular fetish of avoiding horrible and painful death.

But there’s high end, and there’s “high end”, right? The Lazer SuperSkin helmet supposedly takes the protection to another level. I’m already sold by the fact that they spelled Lazer with a Z instead of with the traditional S. It shows they defy convention. Also, the video has a British doctor and slow motion test films. Check it:

The idea is to prevent torsion and rotational injury by using a lubricated goo and stretchy polymer membrane surrounding the helmet, to act like your own skin, which is also made of goo and stretchy polymer membrane. You are a cyborg.

It makes sense, but it seems like the Lazer SuperSkin technology is still in the developmental stage. I don’t see any Lazer helmets with the SuperSkin for sale. I’m curious how durable a helmet with a layer of jelly on the outside could really be, and how robust it’s design could be – meaning, can the helmet have air holes or ridges? What’s the deal, yo? Right?

The Lazer SuperSkin website

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