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Philadelphia Man Is Reimbursed For His Flipped Car: GO PHILS!

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Recently, when the Phillies won the World Series, we had some lunatic car-flippers here in the streets of our good city. That’s not all they did though, in addition to the numerous cars that were lovingly flipped, vandals kicked in marble planters and destroyed bus stop shelters and smashed in storefront windows. It was some real good old fashioned celebratory destruction. GO PHILS!

“I think everyone should be outraged. I know I’m outraged as lifelong Philadelphian,” Captain Mike Costello of the Philadelphia Police said. I’m not really outraged as much as I am completely unsurprised, since I really have no faith in my fellow man. One thing that I am surprised at, however, is the fact that one guy is actually getting reimbursed for his flipped car… by the people of Philadelphia.

Ted Passon’s 1998 Mitubishi Galant is totaled. It was one of the unfortunate vehicles that got in the way of the moron herd stampeding away from victory. All the glass is smashed and there isn’t a body panel left untouched. And Ted can’t afford a new car, or the repairs for this one. So he went online and started a blog called Philly, Fix My Car!. On the sidebar, Ted says “My name is Ted. Philly flipped my car. I hope they can help fix it. It happened after the world series at Broad and Ellsworth St. at approx. 1:30am. Please help if you can. If 300 people (ideally those on Broad St. who got to enjoy the flipping spectacle) give $10.00 each I’m sure I could get a new car. Whatever you can offer will be much appreciated.”

The surprising thing is that people are actually donating. So far he has $2,750. That display of human generosity would touch my heart if I had one.

If you’re interested in helping Ted out, check out his blog over at phillyfixmycar.blogspot.com

Video on ABC news
Video on FOX news

This is the poor guy’s car:

Calling all Ridelust readers, if you have any videos of the post-victory mayhem, post a link in the comments or email us here at Ridelust. Whoever posts the juiciest, most cringe inducing video wins my lifelong admiration.

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