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Peugeot 207 Le Mans Special Edition

Posted in Diesel, Peugeot, Racing, Sports Cars by Geoff | September 14th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Peugeot 207 Le Mans Special Edition
Peugeot 207 Le Mans Special Edition

In what can only be described as a generous stretch of one’s imagination, Peugeot is producing a Special Edition version of their 207 to honor the highly praised diesel-powered 908 HDi race car.  That’s like Schwinn deciding to produce a Special Edition unicycle to honor Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier.  In Peugeot’s defense, the 207 does having racing stripes.

With only 2000 units to be produced, the 207 Le Mans Series is distinguished on the outside with a sport front bumper with shadow aluminium grille and black chrome headlights. The body side moldings, bumpers strips and sideview mirror housings are painted body color, while a long racing stripe gets trimmed along the hood, roof, and rear spoiler.  Other decal accents include a Peugeot logo stripping on the doors and Le Mans logos on the hatchback. Also special multispoke 17-inch Pitlane aluminium wheels set this edition apart from other models.  Carried over from the 207 RC, the interior receives grinium finish decor with front and rear bucket seats as well as RC front and rear mat covers. The gearshift lever knob, pedal assembly, foot rest and door sill are in aluminium.  Exterior colours are limited to Banquise White and Obsidien Black.  Production of the Special Edition 207 will be available with three engine choices a 110 horsepower turbo-diesel or either a 150 or 175 horsepower regular gas version.  The latter also receives a chrome-plated dual exhaust pipe. 

Inside and apart from the sport trim, Peugeot has added an aluminium numbered plaque on the steering wheel.  This Special Edition 207 reaches 60 mph in 8 seconds and can hit a top speed of 130 mph.

207 Interior
207 Interior

To those not aware of the 207’s popularity, in its first full year on sale, the Peugeot 207 became the best selling car in Europe.  Between January 2007 and December 2007 the Peugeot 207 sold 521, 000 vehicles, out-selling the second placed car, the Volkswagen Golf.  Just two years into its production run, the one millionth Peugeot 207 has now rolled off the assembly line.  Competing against the Ford Fiesta and MINI Cooper the Peugeot 207 has far exceeded Peugeot’s own sales targets.  The Peugeot 207 range starts at $18,490 up to $34,690.

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