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Pedal To Live, Live To Ride

Posted in Bizarre, Funny Videos, Other Rides by Kurt Ernst | March 22nd, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

The video below is a preview of a South By Southwest mockumentary called “Satan Since 2003”, which follows the exploits of renegade moped gang “Hell’s Satans”. Like their higher-horsepower biker cousins, these bandidos engage in drunken revelry, bare-knuckle brawling and the occasional firebombing of a rival’s clubhouse. Unlike their biker equivalents, moped gang members seem to be more slightly built; maybe it’s all that pedaling, or maybe it’s just that weight cuts down on top speed. The video has some NSFW language, so turn the volume down before you launch it at work.

The more you know about the whole outlaw biker subculture (and not what you see on “Sons of Anarchy”), the funnier this preview is. Like the apparent threat from Molotov-cocktail hurling moped gangs, the perceived threat from “outlaw bikers” was generally much greater than the real threat. That’s not to say it’s a good idea to piss off a dude wearing colors, but here are the facts: most outlaw bikers simply want to be left alone. Respect them, and my experience tells me they respect you (or ignore you, which works out well either way). Sure the real one-percenters are probably involved in stuff that you don’t want to think about, but that’s their business, not yours.

Source: You Tube, via Gas 2.0

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