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Pebble Beach Wrap-Up: the Concept Lawn

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We already showed you Jay Leno trying out the Devon GTX on the Concept Lawn, but we thought we’d give you an overview of some of the other cars out there. Click through bellow for a nice selection of the offerings.

SMS Dodge Challenger 570


This heavily massaged Challenger made its hulking presence on the lawn known with its loud purpleish-blue paint and aggressive striping package. Of course, it wasn’t merely fronting; it backed up the visuals with a Lysholm supercharger that blows 3.2 cubic meters of air per minute into the 5.7 liter Hemi engine. It definitely stood out, even next to the eye-catching Bertone Mantide and Devon GTX.


Bertone Mantide


While if you were being unfair you would simply say that the Bertone Mantide is simply a Corvette ZR-1 wearing an expensive suit, we have to say that it makes an entirely different impression than a mere Corvette in the flesh. The initial photos of it made it look less exciting than it does in real life. Photos don’t do the car justice, but we tried to capture as much of the excitement as we could in these shots.


Infiniti Essence Concept


It debuted at Geneva this year and hinted at the new Infiniti M (which debuted in virtual form at Pebble Beach too, look for more on that soon). We have to say Infiniti’s new design language is really pushing the envelope, managing to look more Maserati than Nissan. We love the Ferrari-esque pointed fenders flanking that big angry grille. The wacky C-pillar kink, however, we could live without. Of course, the new M has a toned-down version of this theme, but manages to still capture the poise. Nicely done.


Lincoln Concept C


This crazy pufferfish-looking car debuted at the Detroit Auto Show, and let us tell ya, it hasn’t gotten any prettier. Lest you think we were bribed to gush about every car on the concept lawn (we weren’t, it’s just that most of them were great), we think the Concept C looks more like an iPod accessory than a Lincoln. Just a tip, guys … leave the Scion design themes to the Scion guys. But seriously, it’s a shame, because the newest Lincolns to go on sale have been incredibly distinctive cars that have been catching eyes not accustomed to alighting on a … Lincoln? We’re hoping this is one of those concepts that quietly goes away.


Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu


The claim to fame of this limited-edition Veyron (of which there are so many, it’s getting to the point of being tacky) is its use of carbon fiber and aluminum, bare instead of painted, to show off the car. Bugatti is claiming that this is some sort of novel design concept, but we’re willing to bet that some cars have caught on long before this to use those very popular materials on the exterior of the car. Then again, not many cars are the Veyron, so possibly they could have slapped a Neuspeed sticker on it and claimed it was more unique and valuable. In any event, while there’s no discernable advantage to getting a Sang Bleu (“raw blood,” by the way, not “blue blood”), it sure looked nice.


Aston Martin One-77


Guess how many of this short-run model will be produced … here’s a hint: it’s between 76 and 78. This $1.4 million, 700 HP Aston is certainly beautiful, distinctive, and extremely exclusive. We happen to like the combination of “LOOK AT ME!” exterior mods on the taut lines of the car, which we think is just fine for a car so rare. Why else would you get one? Oh, probably the sound – we never heard the One-77 run, but we bet it is like some sort of spine-tingling cacophony of howling and braying. It looked angry, and we want one.


Spyker C8 Aileron


Spyker, the Dutch automaker of somewhat eccentric supercars, was showing off its new long-wheelbase version of the C8, the Aileron. Spyker carries some of its aeronautic-themed design touches to the extreme, but there is no denying that the C8 Aileron is a work of art. Whether or not it’s for you is a subject of personal taste. We thought the Aileron looked meaner and more purposeful than the regular C8 cars, with angrier and more angular headlights, but it was clearly a Spyker. This car has been around since last year, but the production numbers are so low that it was nice to see one in person. Plus there’s a 400 HP Audi motor out back, which probably sounds pretty sweet.


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