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Pebble Beach Wrap-Up: New Jaguar XJ has Sexy Interior

Posted in Auto Show, Design, Expensive Cars, Jaguar, Luxury Cars, New Cars, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance by Alex Kierstein | August 18th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Whatever you feel about the new wrapper of the venerable XJ sedan, we think you’d be hard pressed to find fault with the new interior, which is both visually appealing and a tactile delight. We were wowed by the combination of colors and materials that greeted us inside the silver demonstration car on Pebble Beach’s row of manufacturer displays. Make the jump for a gallery and more of our thoughts on the car.

Despite being a seemingly clashing combination of dark materials, cream-colored upholstery, and chrome accents, the interior was remarkably welcoming. We couldn’t find the exact color combination on the XJ configuration site, so possibly it was a custom showcar one-off. That being said, the materials were first-rate, the seats were welcoming, and it was almost good enough to excuse the exterior (in our minds). As you’ll notice in the gallery, the XF-style front treatment is a stretch … however, we were impressed with the elegant taillight treatment. Overall, experiencing the car in person is much different than merely seeing it flit across your monitor, and we found that experience to be overwhelmingly pleasant. Of course, that pleasant experience comes with a pricetag … a $72,500 MSRP. Time to either cash in your stock options, bust into your trust fund, or start scratching lottery tickets!

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