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Pastor beaten and tasered by Border Patrol agents at an ‘Internal US Checkpoint’ for refusing a search

Posted in Bizarre, Newsworthy, Politics, Safety, Scandal, Traffic, Videos by Vito Rispo | April 17th, 2009 | 39 Responses |

or Terrorists have infiltrated the US Border Patrol


Driving is getting to be a very dangerous activity in these United States. Remember this post? The one where I told you about how 2/3rds of US population now lives in a “Constitution-free” zone where Border Patrol agents can search your vehicle without consent and for any reason they so desire if you’re within 100 miles of the US border. You guys remember that one?

Remember how that means that the top 10 largest metropolitan areas in the US are completely inside the Constitution-Free Zone? And more than 12 states are totally within the zone: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont? And in California, 99.73% of all residents are living in the Constitution-Free Zone?

Well, you may have thought: “That doesn’t apply to me” or “What could they possibly do to me? Arrest me? For what, driving around doing nothing? This can’t really be happening, this is just blown out of proportion. What can they really do to me?”

Apparently, this is what they can do to you:

They can beat you, tase you, humiliate you, take away every right you have as an American and as a Human Being and leave you with no recourse whatsoever, for just driving your car. This is America now. This man was driving within the US, and didn’t cross a single international border. This isn’t a border issue, this is a fear issue.

Terrorism: the use of extreme fear in order to coerce people (especially for political reasons); Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.

Those Border Patrol agents and the other police involved are terrorists. They are the embodiment of that word. These are the terrorists you need to be afraid of, because they aren’t thousands of miles away in a country you’ve never heard of, they’re in your town, supposedly protecting you. They’re the ones with the guns closest to your head.

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39 Responses

  1. larry says:

    This happens everyday in the land of the ‘free’.

  2. Ben says:

    Your information about the 99.73% of population being within 100 miles of the border is way off base. TJ to Irvine is 100 miles. Considering that LA County has almost 10m people, and California has 30m people, yet 100 mile radius from TJ isn’t even in LA county, you just lost half your article to being false. Get your facts straight before talking again.

  3. sobe says:

    I am going to suppress my inclination to get all blamey, and just say that the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act should be repealed, and drug prohibition replaced with drug regulation.
    These two actions would go a long way toward restoring American civil society.

  4. pc says:

    I’m glad we’re tightening up our border security. Thanks conservative America!

  5. Bezukov says:

    I am shocked, sickened and ashamed. My goodness. I hope there aren’t too many people that read this and shrug it off with a “oh this happens all the time in the land of the ‘free'” and such. I hope as a nation we don’t let our cynicism and bitterness blind us to injustice such as this. Thugs with badges! My goodness

  6. slim says:

    You can see an actual encounter with the same pastor here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFS7oZtE8Ks&feature=channel

    This guy was attempting to provoke the agents, and he did violate the law by rolling up his windows and refusing to open his car after the agents brought the sniffing dog into it (which, like it or not, is probable cause).

    I’m against the Constitution-Free Zone as much as the next guy, but this pastor, aside from being an unreliable source, crossed the line.

  7. b says:

    there used to be pest control stops going between nevada and california. if you said you were a local, you could drive on through – no other questions asked.

    they closed these in the budget crunch near the beginning of the decade, and very rarely reopen them. still no hassle for the locals.

    how do you get 99.73%?

  8. larry says:

    @ Ben

    The coast counts as a border

  9. desqjockey says:

    But Irvine is less than 100 miles from the coast, which is another border. So you are wrong there.

  10. Chris says:

    @ Words by Slim
    If civil disobedience to an illegal request from law enforcement is crossing the line you best throw me in jail now…

  11. larry says:

    @ Slim

    They have to have probable cause before they can search your vehicle. There’s no law against rolling up your windows.

  12. Luk says:

    Do you know why it happens? I’ll tell you why. It happens because citizens are allowing it to happen. American citizen’s balls have fallen off a hundred years ago. If a sheriff or a border patrol agent a hundred years ago did the same to someone, he could realistically expect to be shot in the back in the dark alley. Today, all that will happen is some people will express their outrage on the internet.

  13. larry says:

    @ Ben

    I am not sure what you mean. Could you be more specific.

  14. tom says:

    turned off the video half way through – should have answered the questions at the beginning and gone home – bad choices always lead to bad consequences. Refused to answer questions, refused to open the car, refused to open the trunk, I can’t imagine he acts any differently towards others in authority at his church either.

  15. skitzo says:

    Retards asking about the 99.7% of CA population within 100 mils of a border.

    20 miles out to sea you cross into International waters == border.

    Damn you fucks are dumb.

  16. Chris says:

    I don’t get it.. I watched the video slim posted and he was free to go at the end.. how did he end up getting tazed & beaten… was this a seperate incident? Makes you wonder if they had it in for this guy.

  17. peter says:

    My take on the hundred mile to the border includes ocean boundaries, so certainly the Bay Area and the Los Angeles basin are included.
    And the law enforcement in the central regions of the united states are motivated to find and take down anyone suspicious.

    Searched and sniffed in Missouri for driving a California vehicle. After driving to within fifty miles of my destination. What I was told is ‘I want to catch a terrorist”! No trunk to open, flatbed truck.

    What happened to reasonable cause? No, they made up an excuse because they were tailing me. And average joe wants it this way? Maybe law enforcement will find someone by random targeting the population, maybe they will miss the whole thing because of looking at everyone with doubt.

  18. Quinton says:

    quintonrg@gmail.com with IP address says:

    All bloggers and ALL reporters lie to make their side look good. All your facts are crap. Bloggers and Reporters should all be shot.

  19. Graham Hodge says:

    It’s sad, but we’re catching up with you guys over here in the UK. Our police are starting to regularly beat people up. One poor fellow has already died of internal bleeding whilst demonstrating at the G20 summit the other week… and he wasn’t even demonstrating, he was just trying to get home from work…

  20. John says:

    “How did you come up with 2/3 live within 100 miles of the border.”

    Answer: Because the legislation that authorizes this counts every international airport as a point of the border (since it’s very few steps from one country to the next, from the perspective of an airline passenger).

    Thus, [give my geography a break, I’m not American] O’Hare international Airport counts as a point on America’s border, so 100 miles from the airport in every direction counts as “border country”; same for every other international airport (etc.) in the country, no matter how far inland it is.

  21. ed says:

    These BP Agents are a disgrace to the men and women soldiers fighting and dying in foreign lands to preserve our rights, country, and image.

  22. Danielle says:

    He is a complete idiot… sorry he is complete simple and should have just let things happen… if you have nothing to hide then he would have saved about 35 mins of his day!!!! DF!!!!

  23. Angela says:

    He wasn t beaten by the border patrol but it sure is better to accuse the federal government instead of the state. Is they pay out bigger? To bad he doesn t have a case… Everybody is outraged when police doesn t catch a murderer or a smuggler before they actually go on and do it again but they cry when they are asked simple questions that can and many times help find many criminals and thus take them out of the streets… but no we dont want them doing that because you know its so hard to answer some questions…

  24. neocon says:

    Smelly hippie deserved it
    I hope he learned how to submit to authority, properly

    If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.
    Not following the orders of legal authorities is unpatriotic, unamerican and anarchistic. You might as well throw open the borders and give the country away to the terrorists and drug lords.

  25. mataliandy says:

    @neocon: Not obeying an illegal order is highly American, a tradition that started before the revolutionary war, and is written into our constitution in the form of a set of rights spelled out specifically to ensure that people (at least those who choose not to be ignorant) can know when authorities are doing illegal things.

    The law applies to everyone – including police. They violated the constitution – the highest law in the land – by attempting to search a person without a warrant and without probable cause: that’s two separate violations. Assault and battery takes it one step further.

    This kind of abuse is exactly what the Colonists fought against, and is why they sought to break free from abusive English rule. We are America because of exactly this kind of patriotic act.

  26. Maggie says:

    Mixed emotions on this issue. Signs on the road stating “CHECK POINT AHEAD” makes you aware that you could be stopped. Personally, with nothing to hide, I do not believe I would object to a stop and a vehicle search. I put this in the same category as the security checks being employed in the airports. If it makes me safer as well as everyone else on the flight….. why would I object??? I wouldn’t… as I’d much prefer to be safe from a hijacking and possible loss of life. This ‘Constitution Free Zone’ is new to me…. first time I recall hearing about it. I do believe that what is expected during such a stop should be public information available to everyone. The airports and the T.S.A. are very explicit on the procedure to get through airport security! I would think the harassment would begin should a search be refused. Even though that is our right, it’s cause for suspicion. The pastor, in the article below, not only refused a search but also to get out of his vehicle. However, as I listened to and watched his video, it does seem the agents used excessive force that was not called for.

  27. John says:

    You forget that there are signs posted warning of everyone of the possibility that they may be searched…..you forgot to mention that we on the border states are faces with the most unpresidented Drug related, gang infestation, violence in history….not to mention that terrorists do cross the borders leagally and ileagally….Most of the coverage on this fails to point out the hour long stand off and refusal of the Pastor to submit to the search and that a drug sniffing canine alerted on the Pastor’s vehicle….and if he had nothing to hide he would have been on his happy way home…
    The pastor is out of line on this issue and is seeking publicity for all the wrong reasons….he is lucky he didnt recieve more for his idiotic stunt….Go pray about this one!

  28. larry says:

    @ John, neocon.

    This is why we should end the drug war. There is evidence that legalizing drugs would actually lower drug usage as well as put a stop to all this border violence.
    The drug war has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives, for nothing.


  29. Coh says:


    So, when they come crashing through your car (or house, because they can do that too) or something with no reason as to why at all for doing so and then start tasering you while you still don’t know why they are doing so, and then, even though they know that the tasering makes you completely immobile, they smash your head on something sharp, then mock you about it and laugh at you while you are sitting in a crumpled heap, in handcuffs, and then find nothing at all incriminating among your possessions…. if that all happens to you, what would you do? “Oh, sorry officer, you are just doing your job, didn’t mean to struggle a little. Just kinda wanted to know why it was happening, but hey, whatever. No biggie.” Laughing?! Christ, those “officers” should be shot or imprisoned for life.

    Sorry, bud, but what he described sounds like a criminal breaking into your house, beating the shit out of you, and not finding anything he likes.

  30. SamTen says:

    Sorry guys, but this was completely legit.

    A police dog indicated it detected drugs while inspecting the car. Under state and federal law the officers now have reasonable cause to detain and search the vehicle and its occupants.

    The pastor in the video does not comply. He is now breaking the law by not obeying the lawful commands of an officer. They place him under arrest and as he is under arrest they are given broad allowances on how to bring the suspect under control.

    Had the guy simply got out of the car and allowed them to complete their search he’d have been on his way.

    Don’t like that a dog indicating drugs is enough evidence for a copy to search you and your car? Talk to your government reps. Start a grass-roots campaign to change the law.

    Furthermore, these police officers can’t assume that just because the guy claims to be a pastor, or even wears clothing typical of a pastor, that he’s somehow not dangerous. They _HAVE_ to assume the worst case to protect themselves. Because when a cop doesn’t assume the worst, they tend to wind up getting shot on the side of the highway during a traffic stop (search youtube, plenty of video examples of that available).

    Bitch about freedoms and the constitution all you want. Take the cops to court _AFTER_ the incident. If it was an illegal search anything they do find on you can never be held against you. Don’t resist arrest.

  31. Sash says:

    Oh please people. This guy is supposed to be a pastor, who is commanded by the Bible in Romans 13 to obey authorities. This guy is shown again by newer videos just asking for a beat down. The border patrol is just trying to do their job, and unless you haven’t noticed, a lot of drugs and other contraband in smuggled into the country, through Mexico, so obviously they are there for a reason. If you have a problem with it, move to Canada!

  32. Xiaoding says:

    “that a drug sniffing canine alerted on the Pastor’s vehicle….and if he ”

    That’s BS, those dogs are trained to give an “alert” when the handler tells them to. A complete fraud.

  33. MeToo says:

    So he got a little road rash on his head. Lets all cry like little babies. The officer placed him under arrest, Get out of the car(If your not doing anything wrong). If you ask for trouble you get trouble. And he was asking for it plain and simple. If he is a real pastor the church needs to ban him. If he questions the laws of man then what says he don’t question the laws of GOD.

  34. Cade says:

    Speaking of retards and dumb fucks who don’t know their facts(skitzo), International waters begin 12 miles beyond our shore, not 20…

  35. joe says:

    And when the real war comes hundreds of thousands of these 85 IQ coptards will finally be eliminated from our country.

  36. Mia says:

    So, have we heard the other side to the story? No. Do I believe this wimp who calls himself a pastor? No.

  37. Gilmar Chavez says:

    This is the New Wold Order System do any body saw the movie Soiled Green in the 70 all those guys calling this guy wimp wimp retards and dumb fucks way till its happen to you and your family and friends what are you going to do wend they came for you either you are going along the 666 time its here get out of here before it get to you run run at the end is near be with GOD he is ready 2012 or some time sooner see you in paradise be good my riends

  38. Gilmar Chavez says:

    his is the System New World Order do any person has watched the movies Soiled Green in the 70
    and to all those guys that calling this guy wimp wimp retards and dumb fucks by the way till all this happen to you and your family and friends
    what are you going to do when they come for you either you are going along with its 666 The time is here get out of here before it get to you run run at the end is near be with GOD he is ready 2012 or some time sooner see you in paradise and to be good my friends

  39. Kristopher says:

    Just today i got stopped on I8 (close to Yuma). It infuriates me how they harass us american citizens. Same situation, supposedly their dog had a hit on my car and even after i showed them my military ID they still continued to hassle me and question my citizenship, whilst dumping my luggage all over the ground. How about they turn to the border and actual patrol it and not our citizens