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Passing side or Suicide: It’s your choice.

Posted in Crashes, Featured, Promoted, Safety, Trucks by MrAngry | December 16th, 2010 | 9 Responses |

Truck Safety

If you’ve ever followed large trucks or semi’s then you may have noticed little signs on the back telling you to always pass on the left. Believe it or not, but there is a damn good reason for this. If you haven’t figured it out by now, trucks are larger than the average vehicle. They’re generally two to three times as long, often triple the height and can weigh up to 20 times what you’re car weighs. Trucks are not nearly as nimble as your car either, which means they don’t stop, turn or accelerate at near the rate of a modern day automobile. Therefore there are some rules that we as motorist must adhere too. For example, when passing a truck, never, ever pass it on the right side. While truck drivers constantly check their mirrors, keep in mind that for the most part, these trucks have 40 to 80 foot blind spots, which means they can’t see you.

Truck Safety

Sometimes trucks, regardless of how big, also need to pass slow moving vehicles. So, when you see a truck with their turn signal on, let the truck in. It may slow you down momentarily, but that extra 30 seconds it takes for the truck to make a clean pass is not going to kill you. Another common error when following a truck is tailgating. If you’re riding the bumper of a truck you need to understand, that if you’re close enough where you can’t see their side view mirrors, that this means that they cannot see you. So make sure you give them plenty of space.

Truck Safety

Lastly, do not EVER cut in front of a truck or big rig. As mentioned the weight of these trucks can run up to 80,000 pounds or more. That means that panic stops for these guys are just not an option, so keep that in mind before you try to make that next exit ramp. Follow these simple rules and I promise that you’ll not only live longer, but make truck drivers the world over happier to be on the road.

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9 Responses

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  2. Set says:

    I’ve passed many a truck on the right side. When it’s a four lane highway/road, they’re driving well below the speed limit in the fast lane, damn right I’ll pass on the right.

  3. shiroi neko says:

    Just saw an accident when a guy drove his Mercedes into the ass of a big truck.

    And yes, the driver die.

  4. That last picture looks really gnarly. Shireo, that’s pretty bad that the driver died; I assumed Benz were one of the safest cars around… of course I realize there are accidents where impact is so intense that nothing can save you… but it still scares me tho!

    As for passing, what about if you just want to overtake a truck but the right lane is clear? Can you use the right lane to overtake them if you don’t go in front of them right away, as you would do when passing??

    I admit I have passed trucks before on the right. I didn’t even think about it but I just did it; especially when in a rush to get to work.

  5. eddie_357 says:

    too many drivers linger in trucks blindspot, and thats what they get.,commit and get on with it.however i do agree with letting’em go first when they turn, to let them go first understanding the fact you are in their turn radius.

  6. Mad_Squirrell says:

    I drive a truck for a living some interesting facts to ponder for you guys .At 50 mph it takes a fully loaded big truck 8 football fields to come to a complete stop . Don’t cut us off. Second when entering the interstate from an on ramp it is the responsibility of yourself to yield to the flow on the interstate not them yield to you .Often times its impossible to get over you cant just yank the wheel and get over in a truck . don’t ever hover around the right hand side of a truck. there are 3 major blind spots on the right and we cant see you at all .Albeit stupid, passing on the right on the interstate is not near as bad as in city .if the truck has a turn signal on stay away from either side weather the truck is turning left or right it takes more room to make corners(again you might wind up in a blind spot).Third never “draft” a big truck if we lose a cap on a trailer tire it will do major damage to your car and possibly can kill you for example about 8 years ago On I-24 in TN a tailgating car got the worst end of the blown tire as 80lbs of rubber and steel came through the windshield and decapitated the driver and killed the passenger . Be safe

  7. mike says:

    Most people dont understand that the sight of a truck driver is very limited. Blind spots due occur and is more on the right side. Most drivers just talk on there phones and ignore what they see and that is what causes these wrecks

    • Robert says:

      that is just stupid dude, most drivers DON’T talk on the phone while driving, unlike MOST car drivers that DO. the 15-30 seconds you wait for a truck instead of cutting him off takes you about 60 seconds to gain back, depending on the terrain it can take the truck driver 5-20 mins to gain back the time you made him slow down ’cause you didn’t bother to get up early enough for work

  8. brad34 says:

    man that dude in the Saturn probably died….r.i.p.