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Paris Hilton Joins The Races

Posted in General, News, People by Jennifer Nicole | March 16th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

*Photo courtesy of: Gossip Center

Paris Hilton is turning quite a few heads these days, even more so than usual. Not only did she get a new Lexus LFA for her birthday but she may be more into cars and racing than we give her credit for. Especially since her announcement a few months ago that she was planning to sponsor a motorcycle team. Yes, you read that right, soon the lady in pink will be coming to a race track near you. This venture all started when she was approached by team partner and founder of SuperMartXe, Nano Barea, to lend her image to the team. Miss Hilton immediately got on board and decided not only to lend her image but to take ownership of the team. Her SuperMartXe motorcycle team plans to compete in this years 125cc Moto GP World Championship to which she’s signed a five year contract which will include her attending multiple racing events.

The team will be in partnership with a Barcelona based team, By Queroseno Racing (BQR) operated by Raul Romero and sponsored riders Sergio Gadea and Maverick Vinales. Rumor has it that the team will not have to wear anything like the pink suit Paris wore during her press event. Does this mean there is a chance we may see Paris at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in April? Will she be willing to trade in her stilettos for a pair of Piloti’s? Stay tuned.

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4 Responses

  1. Clap trap* says:

    This skank is about as interested in motorcycle racing as she is interested in advanced physics…. Side note: all team bikes now come with crabs on the seat, and a perscription of Valtrex…

  2. J D Stadler says:

    *Must not punch computer screen* This just pisses me off more than it should. I’ve been DYING for the past 5 years to get a bike but no, I live in the real world. This dumbass skank goes and gets a whole freaking racing team to attach her name to, for no other reason than she CAN and get some photographs and cash out of it (because I guarantee she’s being paid for her “appearances”). GAH!!! Paris, thank you for making me wish I were born a guy, because being the same gender as you is KILLING ME

    • Alex says:

      She also had a pink Mercedes McClaren SLR and crashed it while driving drunk…

      Just trying to make you feel better J D


  3. fast eddie says:

    HATERS HATE,i think its nice she is promoting this racing team,it gives her something to do.i have some respect for her now.