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Overthrow Bourgeois Boredom with Guerrilla Drive-In!

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Just like some revolutionaries from a couple hundred years ago who froze their asses mostly to death one winter in nearby Valley Forge, modern-day agitators against the regime of boredom currently gripping the suburbs of Philadelphia have adopted guerrilla entertainment tactics to fight back. We’re not talking about killing Hessians on Christmas – we’re talking here about Guerrilla Drive-In, the secret entertainment phenomenon that beams its revolutionary propaganda right from the sidecar of a BMW R100/7 motorcycle!!! Want to see Repo Man in a junkyard with strangers? This could be the ticket!

<i>The Macguffin!</i>

The Macguffin!

Of course, if you want to find out where to show up, you need to establish contact with the guerrilla’s pirate radio station. Says the GDI organizers from their revolutionary website:

“The MacGuffin is an AM transmitter, wired to an ex-Retropod Sony Sports Walkman, playing a continuous-loop answering machine cassette, all stuffed inside a weatherproof Pelican case. The MacGuffin broadcasts a short message on AM 1700. The message contains the secret access code you need to find out where and when Guerilla Drive-In movies will be shown.”

Almost makes you want to go to West Chester, PA, to check it out, huh?

[Source: GDI]

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