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Original Nissan Style: 1964 Silvia

Posted in Classic, Collector Cars, History, Nissan by Dustin Driver | September 8th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

You’re looking at the sexiest Nissan ever made. That’s right, this 1964 Silvia represents the pinnacle of Nissan design, and it was made almost 50 years ago. And it was designed by a German. The Silvia was penned by the famous Albrecht von Goertz, who designed the famously seductive BMW 507. You can see bits of the 507 in the Silvia, the telltale long bonnet and forward leaning front end, the large wheels and skinny bumpers. The Silvia is undeniably one hot car. Unfortunately, Nissan only made about 580 of them between 1964 and 1968. Each one had hand-formed body panels and at the time cost $4,390, more than twice as much as a Datsun Bluebird coupe and almost as much as a contemporary Mercedes. Few original Silvias survive today and the ones that escaped the tinworm and time are worth serious bucks. Hit the jump for more pics of this beauty.

Source: Silvia History

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