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Oregon Carpenter Builds Pulsejet Drag Bike.

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Pulse Jet Motorcycle

It used to be that having an ordinary 9 to 5 job was not all that uncommon. People would wake-up early, jump in the car or hit the trains and make their way into work to promote a nice healthy economy. Times in this country have changed however and nowadays people are trying to hold onto any job they can get their hands on. There are however a select few who have been able to turn what they love to do as a hobby into their job. Meet Bob Maddox, an Oregon carpenter, who is not only good with a hammer and nails, but with jet bikes as well… that’s right, I said jet bikes. Take his latest creation for example that was constructed for a private racer.

The bike houses a single pulse jet engine, puts out 250 lb-ft. of torque and runs on 87 octane fuel. The supposed top speed is over 200 mph, a number that has yet to be achieved by the bikes new owner. My top speed on a motorcycle is 189 mph, but that was on a modern sport bike with a traditional 4-cylinder engine. To do over 200 mph on this thing though, well, you’ve got to be one part serious racer, and two parts lunatic.

Source: Wired.com

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  1. rusnan says:

    i like bike with jet,pulse,steam … i ve steam bike , next time jet n pulse