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Ontario goes on the offensive against illegal street racers

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It seems that California is not the only state or province in North America that has a crush on illegal street racing. The Ontario government and the Ontario Attorney General are out to crack down on illegal street racers and the cars they so covet. In response to the outcries of the families that have been victims to illegal street racing and as its popularity in the province is reaching its pinnacle the Ontario government has passed new legislation to increase the punishment for such illegal driving. And if the Attorney General continues to get his way they will not only deprive you of your means to race, but they hope to cut you off at the curb.

ontario parliament

The new legislations passed by the Ontario parliament are summed as as follows:
 -   Police can issue an immediate roadside seven-day licence suspension
        and seven-day vehicle impoundment for street racing, participating in
        a driving contest or stunt driving
    -   The maximum fine increases from $1,000 to $10,000 upon conviction for
        street racing, making it the highest penalty in Canada. The minimum
        fine increases from $200 to $2,000
    -   Courts can impose a driver licence suspension of up to 10 years for a
        second conviction, if the second conviction occurs within 10 years of
        the first conviction
    -   The Act also bans driving a motor vehicle on a highway with a
        connected nitrous oxide system. Some street racers use nitrous oxide
        to enhance the acceleration capabilities of their vehicle.

That is the exact breakdown of the new law as noted by the Ministry of Transportation. They are also proud to note that included in the new laws the police are now permitted to use both Red and Blue alternating lights. Those measure are reported to help improve their visibility. How very progressive.

The Attorney General of Ontario, Michael Bryant, is taking the battle against illegal street racers one step further. Like California Bryant intends to demolish any car confiscated by police for street racing. As qouted in the Canadian press Bryant said of the cars impounded, “we will seize it and you will never see it again. We will crush your car, we will crush the parts.” Attorney General Bryant went on to elaborate by saying, “If we can establish someone has parts and they’re juicing up their car — obviously for the purpose of street racing — then we can seize those vehicles”
To some Canadians and to others of the free world such harsh languish may sound a little General Tarkinton attempting to extract the location of the secret Rebel Base from a dainty Princess Leiah with Dark Vader gasping down her neck. There is a delicate balance between personal liberty and the right of the state to protect its people. The quesion will be, How far is too far and will they know it before they have superceeded it?

What do you think of the governments offensives against illegal street racing in California and Ontario? Are they going too far or are these the necessary steps to get racer off the streets?

Source[Canadian Press]
Source[Ministry of Transportation]

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