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Online Traffic Simulator gives you control of the road; sure beats Solitaire

Posted in General by will bee | August 4th, 2007 | 1 Response |

trafficsimulation.jpg picture by willfusion

With the online Microsimulation of road traffic you get a birds eye, Tron-like view of how changes on the road effect the flow of traffic. Many of us spend countless hours in our cars, lined up like cattle to the slaughter, waiting for the roads to clear so that we can reach our homes or work. Often we find ourselves cursing at everyone from the car in front of us to the cars passing us going the other direction while those 70’s Classic Rock tunes are recycled over and over on our radios.

By watching and adjusting the Microsimulation tool you are able to see how the slightest changes in flow can cause a traffic tie-up that lasts hours. It shows that the chain reaction of the back-up moves further and further back from the cause of the slow down. So as we are cursing the people in front of us for slowing down the real cause of the bogged down traffic occurred miles ahead. Just like a human artery the slightest clot can cause a traffic stroke that can cripple the movement of all lanes.

Take the leap over to the Microsimulation of Road Traffic, make a few adjustments, and watch the traffic flow before your eyes. I personally found the page and the flow of the dashes that represent cars and trucks on the road to be quite mesmerizing.

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