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One Step Closer to Driving with Your Mind

Posted in Car Tech, General by Corey | July 14th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

German scientists have apparently developed a head mounted device that allows the wearer to control a toy car with his mind. Heres the link. The ‘Coolest Device Ever’, as I’ve dubbed it, is basically just a Electroencephalogram (EEG) that takes the changes in voltage on the surface of your head and converts them into signals for driving the car. They plan to use this EEG device to help disabled people control artificial limbs or wheelchairs.

The beauty is, there are no wires implanted in your head, it’s just a simple EEG. But the idea of exploiting the signals from an EEG for some other use has been around for a while; in fact, I saw something similar to this in college. Students had an EEG cap on their head and tried to control a ball on a screen, they had to make the ball go up or down or hover in the middle. Apparently, the key to this type of technology is the software, it has to be able to interpret the right signals and assign them to the right thing. That’s where the advancements are being made.

Several versions of the technology are in development, and one US company even has plans to market a similar device for gamers. But the German device is the only one so far capable of controlling a toy car, and as we here at RideLust have said many times…car related science is the best kind of science. Hopefully it won’t be long until they integrate this technology into the newest Volkswagen or BWM, they are German scientists, after all.

Hey, if it can control a wheelchair, it can control a BMW M6 at 125 mph, right?


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