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One of our Bentleys is missing

Posted in Bentley by davidallen | August 21st, 2007 | 1 Response |

Forget about interest rates and investments, the only way to really hurt the wealthy is to steal their Bentleys! Well that is what has been happening in Moscow over the summer, with seven going missing. Now seven cars being stolen is not normally headline news, but when the car has around a $300,000 price tag then it does begin to send signals out.

Apparently Moscow’s nouveaux riches circles the Bentley is the vehicle of choice, but not the high end models they are just over the top, the Arnage and the Continental GT are the favourites. It is said that there is supposed to be around 300 of the cars in Moscow, but the figure is reducing slightly, especially as they appear to be disappearing.



The latest theft was that of a Continental GT, which had been parked at the home of an unemployed 25 year old woman! Unemployed and driving a $330,000 car what a shame even the unemployed are having their cars stolen.

This mini crime wave has the police and insurance companies baffled, premiums are set to rise in order to cover the cost of replacing the stolen cars, and are said to be introducing even more anti theft device requirements such as an upgraded satellite tracking system etc. Maybe they should forget the technology and look out for a Bentley being driven into a shipping container! Or maybe the owners just forgot where they left their cars.

Source [The Moscow Times]

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One Response

  1. nicebentley says:

    Hmmm, maybe it’s the insurance companies. Good way to increase premiums. Bentleys should all come with GPS locaters.