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One Lap of America: Day 8 – New Jersey Motor Sports Park

Posted in General, One Lap of America, Pro-Touring, Racing, Rally by MrAngry | May 7th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Remember yesterday when we we’re at Mid-Ohio Motor Sports Complex and I said that the Charger was being stone reliable? Well, I should have known better than to open my big friggin’ mouth. After finishing the track session UK Chris came back to the pits and pointed out that the transmission and oil temperatures were reading a bit on the high side. The transmission temperature was around 210 degrees and the oil was tipping the scale at 240. Now if my car possesses any one trait that sets it apart from all others it is consistency in the way of temperature settings, so when they started to read high, warning bells went off. We first checked the transmission fluid and found that we had thoroughly cooked it. 3000 miles at 85 + mph and 7 tracks days in a row will do that. The oil temperature though was bit of mystery.

Just to be safe we immediately went to the nearest auto parts store and snagged one case of transmission fluid and nine fresh quarts of oil. We then proceeded to the nearest Jiffy Lube, slipped the guy a $20 to use the facilities, and dumped the old fluids. Once flushed and refilled, all was well with the world, and more importantly, with the Charger.

After a long night of driving (540 miles) we finally arrived in Millville, NJ around 2:30 am and we were crushed. In then what seemed like a flash, we awoke to the very welcoming sight of blue skies, sunshine and 71 degrees. Coffee was an immediate need so we sourced that first and then headed to the track for the day’s events. New Jersey Motor Sports is facility that is going on five years young, and the track and the facilities reflect that. The course was around 1.8 miles long and consisted of nice combination of elevation changes, great corners and a wonderful front straight. I took the Charger out to the tune of two great sessions and with each lap improved my time. Driving wise it was a very good day as I received the thumbs-up from every corner worker on course.

Only two events remain on the 2010 One Lap of America. Tomorrow we hit Nelson Ledges Raceway in Newton Falls, Ohio and then it’s back to the Tire Rack facility in South Bend, Indiana for the final dry skid pad event and awards.

It’s now 9:48 pm and we have a mere 31.8 miles to go before we get to Newton Falls, Ohio and our hotel. For us, this is as close to nirvana as we’ve been all week, and it’s not because of our destination. You see tonight I’ll be in bed by 11 pm, which is something that hasn’t happened in over a week. I’ll have had a solid 7 hours of slumber time and by tomorrow morning I should be as right as rain. I say “should” because as we all know, this past week has been filled with unpredictability. As for right now though, I think I’ll just sign off and watch the remaining miles click off… right after I get gas… again.

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